Latest Projects Based on Seeback Effect

The following projects are based on seeback effect. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using seeback effect.

1. Mini Refrigerator

Mini Refrigerator

Have you ever wondered how your refrigerator t your homework? It works on the principle of thermodynamics. Its a continuous process of changing the phase of refrigerant by changing volume, pressure and temperature.we are going some amount of work to it which comes as heat in the form of cold. For that, we are going to make a mini refrigerator having an electrical system to run instead of some costly coolant. We will run our mini refrigerator with seeback effect using an pietler material having a lot of connection of hot and cold junction. this hot and cold diffecence will create EMF can be stored in a battery or visa versa.

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Latest Projects based on seeback effect
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2023-11-16

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