Summer Training Program for Automobile Engineering Students

on Automobile Prototyping, Mechatronics and UAV's

Available in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Trichy, Vijayawada

Summer Training Program in Aeromodelling, Automobile and Mechatronics is the best way for Automobile Engineering students to develop practical skills in these emerging technologies in their summer vacation. Aeromodelling gives students a great opportunity to develop 2 UAVs - RC Aircraft and Quadrotor/ Quadcopter which are becoming very popular for various industrial applications. Summer Training in Automobile Engineering covers IC Engines and Automobile Prorotyping where students learn practically about engines and develop a Radio Controlled Car. Summer Training in Mechatronics is for Automobile engineers with an interest to work in multidisciplinary area involving Mechanical and Electronics. Students develop 2 different mechatronics projects in this - Robotic Arm and Walking Robot.
This experience helps students improve the most important skills missing in their regular college curriculum and gives a great experience of a Summer Internship. The certification provided in the Summer Training Programs helps students showcase their skills in their resume to their prospective recruiters in these fields. This will also help a lot in improving their chances of getting good admission in good colleges for higher studies.
Skyfi Labs Summer Training Programs in Aeromodelling, Automobile and Mechatronics are 6 day programs where experienced trainers will start from the basics and cover advanced topics in a structured manner. Although a lot of importance is given to practical experience, we also cover the theory to help you brush up/ learn the concepts before applying them practically. The courses offered in this Summer Training Program are:
  1. Summer Training Program in Aeromodelling - Where you will understand and develop 2 aermodelling projects - 
    1. RC Aircraft
    2. Quadcopter
  2. Summer Training Program in Automobile Engineering - Where you will understand and develop 2 automobile projects - 
    1. IC Engines
    2. Automobile Prototyping
  3. Summer Training Program in Mechatronics - Where you will understand and develop 2 mechatronics projects - 
    1. Walking Robot
    2. Robotic Arm
This Summer Training Program is being offered at 9 Cities across India including - Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Trichy, Vijayawada. The schedule is designed to match with the summer vacations in the respective areas so that students can utilize this opportunity and develop skills that will help them in their future careers.  Join this and improve your skills and careers!

Why Automobile Engineering students should attend summer training programs?

With the industries progressing towards automation, more and more technologies are being researched to assist humans to automate the industrial processes and improve the operational efficiency. These latest technologies include UAV's, Mechatronics and Automotives. UAV's are one such technology that is being widely researched to carryout activities like logistics, remote delivery and private commute.
Also automobile engineering is reaching new heights where we are hearing a lot of buzz on how self driving cars are ruling the streets. A lot of reports came in regard to the functionalities of self driving cars and how it is very effective on providing safest commute to the passengers. Even all the top automobile companies have started to embrace what Tesla has done and are begining to manufacture more such cars which can run even on renewable natural energy sources.
Also, all the developing countries are now focusing more on industrialisation where industrial robotics are being actively implemented onto the industrial activities to improve their operational efficiency.
Being an automobile engineering student it is very essential for you learn and get skilled in these latest technologies to improve your core job placement and higher studies opportunities. With the Skyfi Labs summer training programs in automobile engineering delivered with an innovative learning methodology, it will be super easy for you to learn and build great projects this summer in an exciting way. You can attend the summer training program on trending topics like UAV's, Mechatronics and Automotives across 9 major cities in India and get certified this summer.

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