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Faculty Testimonials

The course was well organised and tailored to fit any group of people. Guidance provided by the mentors were excellent.

Overall, it was worth taking PCB Manufacturing Online Project based Course.
- S Finney Daniel Shadrach,KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore.
We are very much pleased on records that Roboversity conducted a 2 days Robotics workshop for our rural students,which was a fanastic learning experience for our students who could understand the basics very easily. It was a team effort of the Roboversity that made the basics look very simple to our students. Thanks to their zeal in putting their collective shows.
- Dr M.A.Venkatesh ,Principal, SNDCOE, Yeola
Kudos to Roboversity for completing a successful workshop on Robotics under the aegis of Association of Mechanical Engineers at Mechanical Engg. Dept. HBTI Kanpur. The intricate concepts of Robotics/ Mechantronics were very well described and the hands-on training on various versions of ‘Bots’ was fantastic. The personalized attention to each team from the Roboversity trainers was a bonus. Thanks for such an interesting and interactive workshop.

Nice job Roboversity!
- Gaurav Bartarya ,Asst. Prof., ME Dept, HBTI Kanpur
The project done under the guidance of AerotriX helped the students bag jobs. As soon as the interviewer saw this on the resume, A lot of questions in the interview were asked on this topic. They were impressed with the innovation and the multi-disciplinary nature of the project

The confidence, in addition to the skill set, that the students gain helped them perform well in the campus interviews. Good job by AerotriX!
- M. Srinivas Murthy ,KTMCE, Mehabubnagar
  • Way of imparting practical knowledge
  • Hands on session
  • Technical Know-how of Experts
  • Method of tackling problems

- Gurdip Kaur ,Chitkara University

Industry Testimonials

really AerotriX program is very nice and useful to our college and to me.From that i can able to understand the work of ornithopters but even more i like RC planes workshop also so we want it to organize in our college! Thank you Aerotrix from me and my college!
- Rajasekaran ,aeronautical engg, Hosur
The lecture was so good that it aroused my interest in it and i would wait for another event like this and also workshop helped us to develop innovating thinking.
- Hifzur Rahman,Computer Engineer, I2IT, Pune
The lecture was awesome... Aditya knows the excellent stuff and as promised in the website, the basics of the aeromodelling were taught well evev for a non technical student like me.
- Karan Kumar ,SRCC- Central Square Foundations

Student Testimonials

I got an experience and I want to develop it further by using the concept called IOT. Thanks Skyfi Labs
- Thota Rakesh,Online Course Attendee, Karunya University, Coimbatore
It was a great experience working with Skyfi Labs, the online courses were useful in understanding the circuits easily. Thanks
- Gladson Kujur,Online Course Attendee, Karunya University, Coimbatore
I missed my first-day workshop but due to online course material provided by Skyfi Labs (as a review after the workshop), I will be able to revise my missed concept. Thanks a lot sir
- Kriti Singh,Mobile Robotics Workshop Attendee, Aligarh Muslim University
It was good experience working with the Skyfi Labs in Home Automation System Online Course
- Nimit Nishanth,Online Course Attendee, Karunya University, Coimbatore
I have really enjoyed doing this Skyfi Labs Mobile Robotics Online Course Project.
It's really good to 'learn' then 'review' then 'do'.
- Srinivasulu Pullaginti,Online Course Attendee, Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science, Madanapalle
Tell me I will not understand!
show me I may understand!
Involve me I will understand!
This quote sums up what we have done in the workshop.
- Sai Balaji T.S ,NRC Aircraft Workshop Participant, NIT Trichy
Very amazing and a very enthusiastic workshop by Team AerotriX. Each and every participant of the workshop was enthralled by new concept of Ornithopters imparted to them and gave the feedback that this was the best workshop they had attended till date. Therefore, I as part of the organizing group would like to thank Team Aerotrix for coming to our college and we hope that in future also we organize workshops on RC Flying in our college in association with Aerotrix.Once again thanks a lot for the amazing workshop
- Kamran Akhter ,Mechanical Engg. Student,Team Soaring Eagles, S.I.T , Tumkur
Education is all about building bridges, right? So being with AerotriX is a tremendous experience where the entire team has come across various concepts and ideas about the AIRCRAFT and its designing part. And moreover with AerotriX, it’s like developing a passion to explore how things fly. So I expect nothing more from the AerotriX team, as the passion made me never cease to grow from applying the innovation to the technology!! Thank you AerotriX!!!
- Anudeep Anugoti,IVth,ECE, Kottam Institutions, kurnool, AP
Thank you AerotriX, not just for imparting the technical skills but also for making my interview process (at Syntel Corporation) easier with such an excellent project in my academics!
- Ch Tejasri ,IV ECE Kottam Institutions , Kurnool, AP
The lecture delivered was good and attracted me towards robotics, and I am happy about the workshop and I want to participate in all your workshops!
- D.Mahesh Babu,3rd year EEE student at KEC, Kuppam
The theory and practical sessions were very useful as we came to know about the basic ideas behind creating the Swarm Robots. The lecture was taught in such a way that we could easily implement the theory into practice
- D. Nivitha ,Vellore
Outstanding lecture. We enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge and the workshop was fantastic and interesting. Frankly, our dreams came true because of participating in RC aircraft workshop. Thank you AerotriX!
- Alluri Sri Akhil Varma,1st Year ECE, SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram
One of the most simple and best workshops I have attended. The resource is an excellent facilitator and his values as an engineer helped us learn a lot of new things from him. The atmosphere created was very comfortable and conducive to my growth as an individual and I will go back as a motivated person. Thank you sir. You have created a positive difference. At last a nice conversation and long lasting suggestions gave by sir to made me feel great.
- Sri Sahith,3rd year Civil Engineering student., Audisankara College, Nellore
After two semesters of Structural Analysis, I had literally lost interest in Structures. But, after attending this workshop my spirits are raised again. Practical session was made so interesting as well as informative and fabricating the bridge model was a great experience. Thank you Civil Simplified!
- Devanshi N. Italiya ,2nd Year Civil at GPERI, Gandhinagar
Sensational, Mind Blowing, Thought Provoking, Best Workshop I have ever attended. These were my first thoughts after attending the “Gesture Based Robotics” Workshop.

Roboversity has not only rekindled my passion for Robotics, but has, without doubt given me the tools, and the “how-to” to take my imaginations to a higher level. The idea of controlling a robot by the gestures of your hands is simply awesome. The fabrication and programming steps are very easy to understand and YES they really work!!!

Faculty delivered the workshop in a genuine and sincere manner not often found in today's presenters.

Do yourself a big favour: find the time, attend the course, you will be rewarded and you will be successful.

Thank you Roboversity for Teaching Robotics. Practically!
- Shuja A. Khan ,ECE 3rd Year, Kottam College of Engineering
It was a nice interactive lecture for both the workshops. Got to learn many things on structural design and facts to update my database. It was a really exciting practical session. I guess that is THE BEST way of teaching a software. It was worth attending the workshop.
- Sahil Gupta ,3rd year Civil at Chitkara University, Chandigarh
It is the best workshop of my life and is a great platform for beginners as a head start to their career. Practical session was very unique and very much useful for people who have their interest in structures.
- Gagnesh Jain ,2nd year Civil ITM University, Gwalior
Interesting theory sessions with practical application problems were a good combination for the intellectual mind. The PPT was excellent and professional and we had a good hands-on experience. Felt like an engineer and proper sequential steps directed by the faculty were mind blowing.
- Ganesh Venkatesan,1st year Aero, Amrita University, Bangalore