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Stage 1: Completed on 21 Jan 2017
Stage 2: Completed on 31 Jan 2017
Top 15 Projects have been shortlisted for Stage 3.
Stage 3: Experts from our team will be guiding the teams in completing their projects. This stage ends on 31 March 2017.
Stage 4: Announcement of prizes on 15 April 2017
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Wireless Charging Of Electronic Devices Using WiFi Router
Electronic gadgets are making our lives easier and simpler . In order to run these devices they require charging . Our project is to design and develop a device that is similar to the Wifi device which will be able to charge any electronic device with wireless connectivity. Thile technology uses hasselfree wireless connection to the devices either by using a low power bluetooth or RIFD signal . ( Read more.. )

Members: Animesh,
College: MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore

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