Best Automobile Workshops for Engineering Students

Automobile industry is a fast growing sector bringing in new innovations every day. The automobile systems that we see today were just some theoretical concepts presented in seminars few years back. With the advent of Hyperloop, Autonomous self-driving cars, pod-based vehicles etc. the entire automobile industry perspective changed in a way how we look at it. These are all possible due to the recent advancement in automobile engineering and the engineers started to do more innovation in this domain.

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While we are seeing the advancements in the automobile industry, there is an equal rise in the demand for engineers who are doing automobile engineering. They have the option to excel in a particular technology and develop an exciting career in it. But students doing automobile engineering will find it difficult to cope up with the industry as they are not equipped with the skills in these advanced technologies. So students pursuing automobile engineering should develop skills on these latest technologies and this is possible only through workshop/ training programs.

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As these advanced technological concepts are not included in the curriculum, going for workshops/ training programs are the only way to acquire knowledge on them. But doing such training programs will help them to become industry ready and such advanced companies will craving to recruit them. To help students to identify the right automobile workshop, here I am suggesting the best workshops which they can undergo to develop the latest skills.

Following are the list of good automobile workshops that students can participate in to develop knowledge in this exciting domain:

1. CFD Workshop:

CFD Workshop for Engineering Students

As a recent advancement in automobile engineering, engineers have developed a super fast car Hennessey Venom (Beast) that can accelerate to a speed of 271 mph and it is designed in a way that it can automatically adjust its machinery as the speed increases or decreases, ensuring optimal performance. The aerodynamic design of this vehicle allows it to cut through the wind planes and use that to accelerate the vehicle further. This was possible due to the recent advancements in the Computational Fluid Dynamics and the Automobile Industry. Learning such advanced technologies will help you to stay updated with the current technologies and also assist you greatly in improving job prospects.

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CFD is a very robust technique that finds its applications in various industry sectors like mechanical, aeronautical, civil, environmental etc. Computational Fluid Dynamics is one of the areas of engineering that deals with numerical simulation to analysis of fluid flows which can be used to solve real life problem statements. There is a lot of scope for engineers who can understand and apply the techniques of CFD to solve variety of designs, analyze and optimize problems.

By attending this automobile workshop you will practically learn the simulation of different flow physics through industrial grade software. If you are a final year engineering student you should undergo this training to acquire the skills and improve your job prospects.

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2. Automobile Prototyping Workshop:

Automobile Prototyping Workshop for Engineering Students

The automobile industries of now started focusing on technologies like advanced electric propulsion and energy storage systems, engines and alternative fuels, intelligent transportation and vehicular communication systems, autonomous vehicles, vehicle chassis systems, and vehicle safety etc. And we are already experiencing this in the streets where we see lot of innovation happening within a short period of time.

The scope for engineers in this automobile sector is wide and increasing day by day. So students getting hands-on experience on this sector will have a very good chance of developing an exciting career in this field. You can acquire the needed skills only through building projects and learning while doing it.

By attending this automobile prototyping workshop you will practically learn about the concepts of automobile systems like transmission, suspension, powertrain, steering, locomotion and chassis design etc. Through this training program you will develop a deeper understanding about the automobile engineering and the skills required to work in the automobile industry.

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3. IC Engines Workshop:

IC Engines Workshop for Engineering Students

IC engines or Internal Combustion Engines are the most widely used engine mechanism in the automobile industry. These engines are capable of producing immense power in contrast to their size and weight. Almost all the automobiles that we see today run using this engine and it is essential for automobile engineering students to learn and get skilled in it to improve their job prospects.

This will be an ideal course for automobile engineering students who want to get hold of the concepts involved in the IC engines that are used in the automobile industry. By attending this automobile engineering workshop you will practically learn the concepts behind the engine control unit, sensors, and actuators and you will also learn to assemble & dismantle IC engines so as to know the internal working mechanisms.

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4. Hovercraft Workshop:

Hovercraft Workshop for Engineering Students

Hovercraft also called an air-cushion vehicle that is capable of travelling at an elevated height over rough terrain. These types of vehicles can move well on land, ice and water. Automobile engineering students who want to learn aerodynamics, electronics and instrumentation principles can undergo this training program.

By attending this training program you will practically learn to build a Hovercraft that is supported by a cushion and will eject high-pressure air against the below surface to facilitate the moving. Hovercrafts have its applications varying from rescue, military to recreational operations.

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Organize a automobile engineering workshop in your college in association with Skyfi Labs

In case you are interested to attend an automobile engineering workshop but not able to find one, you can conduct a workshop in your college itself in association with Skyfi Labs. We at Skyfi Labs have developed some amazing hands-on training programs that helps you to learn and build automobile engineering projects in the simplest way. Our team will be coming to your college upon inviting along with the kits and necessary material and helps you to build projects practically. The Innovative learning methodology which we follow not only helps you to build projects but ensures you are learning while doing so.
In case if you are interested to learn and build the project at your home itself, you can enroll for our online courses and build the project from any part of the Earth.

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Best Automobile Workshops for Engineering Students
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Best Automobile Workshops for Engineering Students

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