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Nowadays blockchain is the new trend in our leading Network Industry. This blockchain technology is used for the secure transfer of money and contract documents. Blockchain can also be used to create your own cryptocurrency and smart contracts. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency which is an example of the blockchain. By learning such a trending and innovative technology, you will definitely achieve a high position in your career as a blockchain Expert as well as in the field of cryptocurrency.

If you are seeking to learn more about Blockchain and its application, you have arrived at the right place. You will definitely learn about Blockchain, its application with this best blockchain tutorial and online courses. It will definitely help you with engineering projects. So put your seat belts on and enjoy the very exciting journey of blockchain with blockchain courses for beginners with Skyfi Labs

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What is blockchain and its applications?

“Blockchain” the name defines itself, it is a chain of blocks. Here block word represents the information and chain word represents the public database. So together it is called information stored in a public database. These blocks store information about transaction amount and time along with who is participating in the transaction.

Types of blockchain:

  1. Public - In this type, anyone can be a part of the blockchain. It allows everyone to participate as a user, developer and as a miner. All transactions of a public blockchain are transparent so that anyone can access transaction details. E.g. Bitcoin
  2. Private - It is also known as permission blockchain. It is for the organization who wants to share data to particular but don’t want to make it public. E.g. Multichain
  3. Consortium - Consortium blockchain is different from the private and public blockchain. It is handled by a group of organizations. E.g. energy web foundation. 

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Working of blockchain transaction

Step 1: For creating a block the transaction is the first thing that must occur. 

Step 2: The second thing is that transaction must be verified. 

Step 3: After these steps, the information about a transaction must be stored in the block. 

Step 4: These different blocks are assigned a unique identification code called hash.

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Benefits of blockchain:

  1. Secure-There is no unauthorized access in the blockchain which makes it more secure.
  2. Time-saving- There is no middleman verification needed for settlements making the process faster.
  3. Cost-saving- As it avoids the interference of the middleman so the expenses due to the middleman easily get cut.

Applications of blockchain:

Money Transfer- One of the most important uses of blockchain is to transfer money from one to another with much more security. Anyone can see where exactly the money is throughout the transaction. In short, the money transfer is getting more secure due to the blockchain.

Smart Contracts- Smart contract is an application that runs exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud. Third-party interference is totally eliminated by using blockchain technology. Most of the businesses use smart contracts to lower the cost of the most financial transaction.

Monitor supply chains- Blockchain allows businesses and possibly even consumers to view how products performed from a quality control perspective as they travelled from their place of origin to the retailer. It is also able to record the state value of the product.

Internet of Things- Internet of things is one of the leading technologies which connects more than one devices with each other. Smart homes and smart city concepts are totally based on the IoT background. Therefore blockchain-oriented applications are used to monitor these huge networks of IoT devices.

Real Estate- Due to the encryption feature, blockchain reduces the fraud by quick verification of finance. It provides transparency throughout the selling and purchasing real estate property.

Health care- Blockchain allows keeping the information about the patient with much more security. It reduces the cost because there is no need for a third party portal to maintain records of the patient. It improves efficiency and risk management. Fraud detection in the healthcare/insurance industry easily improved.

Digital voting- digital voting is one of the important applications of blockchain technology. Frauds in voting get totally eliminated. This is only because of the digital voting system. Therefore the overall process is transparent and secure.

Some other applications of blockchain technology:

  • Blockchain music
  • Blockchain identity
  • Different certificates
  • Passports
  • Copyright protection
  • Tax regulation and compliance
  • Weapon tracking

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What programming language is used for blockchain?

Solidity - Solidity is a first-ever blockchain programming language that you must learn. The solidity programming language was developed by Vitalik Buterin who was the reason behind many blockchain companies. Solidity gives access to JavaScript infrastructures and many other tools. The language is developer-friendly with precise accuracy.

Java - Java is the best language for backend developers which is also a great programming language used for blockchain application development. The language is basically used for building smart contracts. Due availability of sufficient libraries it is a very efficient language with the ease of cleaning memory. It gives robust support to Object-oriented methodology.

Python - Due to the availability of sufficient features, python becomes the most popular language in the world. Python is not only used in data science and ML but also used in blockchain technology too. It has open-source support with an easy to learn approach. It gives access to dynamic architecture so it is efficient for prototyping.

JavaScript - Due to enhanced scalability, JavaScript is one of the important languages in developing blockchain applications. There are many frameworks available like Node.js etc. Due to frameworks, it performs easy integration.

C++ - It is the best programming language for cryptocurrency development. It is also used for projects like Stellar and Bitcoin. It offers an object-oriented methodology for better CPU management. It follows compile-time polymorphism for better performance.

C# - It is a language created by Microsoft as an option over Java. This language comes with features of C, .NET, SQL which follow an important role in blockchain development. Due to its easy syntax and open-source, it is more popular in blockchain development. This programming language is considered for building apps and infrastructures in the blockchain.

Some other programming languages used for blockchain technology:

  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • Rust
  • Go

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Top Course of Blockchain for a beginner:

Blockchain for Engineers is the best online course by Skyfi Labs. 

This course by Skyfi Labs gives you more practical as well as theoretical knowledge of blockchain technology. This course has flexible learning hours with best teaching experts. It also helps to solve your problems by Question and answer sessions. At the end of the course, you will learn the actual implementation of blockchain technology by completing the project which gets examined by tech experts. After successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a course completion certificate. You can put it in your resume as it is valuable. Also, you can post it on your Linkedin profile which helps you to grab more opportunities. Skyfi labs give a better opportunity to learn more about this course. Blockchain course for beginners gives you better understanding and all necessary knowledge of this technology. It consists of topic vice tutorials with useful engineering projects.

There are many useful courses by Skyfi Labs you can enrol and learn more and more technologies.

Benefits of Skyfi Labs Blockchain online course:

  • Best online tutorial
  • Flexible learning hours
  • Learn from experts
  • Problem-solving
  • Certificate

What you will learn?

In this blockchain tutorial, you will be introduced to the various concepts of blockchain. After mastering the basics you will learn to create your own cryptocurrency and smart contracts. Following are the important topics covered in this blockchain beginner course:

  • Working of blockchain
  • Mining techniques
  • Smart contracts
  • Developing cryptocurrency

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Best Online tutorials to learn Blockchain for absolute beginners
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