Best online courses for mechanical engineers to learn CATIA


This article talks about the importance of CATIA in the modern world. One of the best software of its kind, CATIA offers its users a 3D space to work and is known for its unmatched user experience. It is a field which is fast gaining popularity among mechanical engineers.

With the help of this article, students can become familiar with some of the advantages offered by CATIA and how it could help them shape their future. Listed below are also some of the most popular CATIA online courses which are convenient and affordable.

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What is CATIA used for?

CATIA is a software used to make 3D designs of products and deliver computer-Aided manufacturing and engineering solutions.  The 3D design space allows for collaboration on different projects by allowing users to share their project ideas and designs online. PLM or Product Lifecycle Management forms an integral part of CATIA for mechanical. It prescribes a set of benchmarks for industries to allow them to minimise their manufacturing costs. And serves as the basis of any product design, its development and simulation.

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Advantages of using CATIA

CATIA offers many advantages over its competitors. The same are listed below.

  • Unmatched user experience and ease of workflow
  • Products can be modelled on real-life behaviour
  • Tools and operations are easy to locate and have extremely specific functions
  • Can be used in a number of industries like aerospace, defence, architecture and construction
  • A multidisciplinary approach allows the specific needs of people to be met
  • Trains budding engineers in competitive skills so that they can minimise the costs of product development
  • Allows users to predict the behaviour of parts so that modifications can be done wherever needed with the help of CATIA’s parametric capabilities

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Why should you want to learn CATIA?

CATIA is an advanced tool that allows its users to create new products. A course on this software is bound to allow you to learn skills that are in much demand in the market. There is huge scope for its application; namely in the fields of mechanical engineering, design and electrical and fluid systems.

For engineers, mechanical CATIA has several uses. This includes the provision of advanced technologies so that mechanical surfacing can take place. The different tools provided by CATIA makes working in a 3D space easier for mechanical engineers.

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How Long Does It take to learn CATIA?

CATIA is one of those skills which can only be learned with the help of hands-on experience. There are many academies and institutes providing training in the same. But most of them are either or too expensive or too time-consuming. In such a scenario, a set of CATIA online courses have emerged as a viable option for many.

However, it must be kept in mind that CATIA for mechanical has a vast scope of application and cannot be learned in a day or even a week. It can even take up a few years to master the software completely. But if you’re focused on only one specific area, like CAD, then you may be able to finish the course within a month.

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Best Online Courses for Mechanical Engineers to Learn CATIA

You can easily learn CATIA online. They offer hands-on experience and allow you to get a better idea of how the market for CATIA functions. Some of the most popular courses are:

1. Part Design Using CATIA: CATIA is most commonly used in the field of 3D CAD modelling. An extensive collection of tools and operations gives CATIA an edge over its competitors. As a result, many designers opt for it. Part design includes learning how to design, assemble and simulate complex designs. This online course will give you the chance to use your knowledge of parametric design, key and shaft designs and CAD drawings.

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2. Sheet Metal and Surface Modelling using CATIA: This CATIA online course will teach you the principles that go into the making of most modern automobiles, including the different features in sheet metal and structural reinforcement. Aesthetic plays a very important role in this course you will learn to make your models more marketable. Practical skills taught in this course will include sheet metal design, creating features like gusset, ribs and heat sinks for electric designs and other various surface operations.

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3. Mechanism Design Using CATIA: Mechanism design forms the basis of almost every product that we see and use. The concept of mechanism design forms the groundwork for the development of any product. A successful product designer must know how to design, assemble and simulate complex designs. And this is exactly what you will learn from this online course. You will use mechanical CATIA to develop your own designs of products and then test them by applying physical force. A hexapod and a robotic arm are just some of the products you will learn how to make.

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It could take you years to try to master the whole software of CATIA, and even then you may not succeed. Especially because it is a dynamic software that sees new developments every few months. But you could master one aspect of the software by enrolling for one of the above online courses. Although it may seem like a very small component of the vast field that is CATIA, even one of these courses can help open up many new job opportunities and shape your future.

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Best online courses for mechanical engineers to learn CATIA
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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