Free Data Science Computer Science (CS) Final Year Projects

Data Science is the most popular technology around the world and will become more popular in future. There are lots of jobs available for a data scientist. Also, the salary package is higher than the overall expectations.

If you want to know, How Google predicts your searches? How your mobile phone unlocks by recognizing your face? Then you are welcome to Skyfi Labs. Here you will get to know the real applications of Data Science and top subjects for your final year projects that will increase your knowledge in the data science field. To accelerate your journey with Data Science.

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1. Data Analytics using R

What is Data Science?

Data Science can be simply defined as it is the field of exploring, manipulating and analysing data and using this data to answer the question about data.

Data scientist analyze structured and unstructured data and obtains meaningful information from many sources. In simple works Data Science is the study of data, processing the data and extraction of data. Data Science consists of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Statistical Programming and became a part of IoT too.

Data Science has multiple steps and stages. It includes the following steps:

  1. Problem Statement- For any kind of work, you need to finalize the problem statement very clearly. Your whole working approach is totally based on the problem statement. This step is important and initiates your work.
  2. Data Collection- After problem statement definition the next step is to collect the data from many types of research and information. Data might be in structures or in unstructured format i.e. images, videos and text etc.
  3. Filtering- Data filtering id the next step. All redundant data, missing data, unnecessary data and duplicate data get filtered in this process.
  4. Analysis- Data analysis is the process of studying the behaviour of data, finding the structure of data.
  5. Modelling- In this step you have to choose the best algorithm which is suitable for the model. The models are trained by train data and test data is for testing.
  6. Testing and optimization- This step is for testing the accuracy and efficiency of data models. 

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6 Amazing real-time Data Science Applications:

  1. Recommendation- Most of the apps and websites like Amazon, YouTube, Flipkart, etc. give recommendation over as per the viewer’s interest. Online music applications like Spotify give recommendations as per your taste in music. So these are good examples of data science recommendation applications.
  2. Search Results- Machine Learning algorithms used to find the most relevant search for Google search engines. Such an algorithm used for the most visited sites on google chrome.
  3. Intelligent Assistant- Google assistant, Siri are examples of intelligent assistants. The advanced machine learning algorithm converts voice input into text output. These smart assistants recognize the voice and provide the required information in both voice and text outputs.
  4. Autonomous driving vehicles- Automobile companies like Waymo and Tesla looking for the next generation of autonomous vehicles. 3D images were taken by the cameras and the information provided to the algorithms for further processing.
  5. Piracy Detection- YouTube is an example of piracy detection using machine learning algorithms. Due to the big database, copied contents cannot be detected manually. So it helps to detect and remove the copied content to reduce human efforts.
  6. Image Recognition- Facebook is the application that uses image recognition by data science and machine learning for the friend suggestion. Even Google lens uses an image recognition algorithm to provide the related information to you.

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Free Data Science Final year projects for computer science students

Following are the best data science projects for final year students

1. Emotion Recognition with voice input

Emotion recognition with audio input is one of thepopular projects among the final year students. We can use a dataset like Vox celebrity dataset for the different voice samples. So this dataset can be used as the training dataset. A package like Librosa can be used for the classification and extraction of audio samples. This data science final year project is helpful for the handicaps/deaf person.

Language and algorithms used in this project:

  • Python
  • Convolutional Neural Network
  • RNN algorithm
  • Support Vector Machine

2. Credit Card Fraud Detection

Nowadays credit card payment transactions are one of the most common payment methods among peoples. Secure transaction via credit card is essential. So this data science final year project is necessary so that customers are only charged for the item that they purchased. Dataset consists of both fraud transaction and clear transaction data.

Language and algorithms used in this data science project:

  • Python or R
  • Logistic Regression
  • Neural Network

3. Gender and Age Detection

This data science project is a part of image recognition. This is one of the most popular final year projects. This project is helpful for most of the online-based exams. There are lots of datasets available for model training. The data science project is based on the python programming language.

Language and algorithms used in this project:

  • Python
  • Convolutional Neural Network
  • Support Vector Machine

4. Water Quality Monitoring For Disease Prediction

This data science project includes both machine learning and IoT technologies. Sensors are used to record water quality parameters. The digital display is for continuous monitoring of the water quality and the main part is the machine learning algorithm to predict the diseases. Python libraries like sci-kit learn, NumPy, scipy can be used for mathematical calculations. 

Language, algorithms and technologies used in this project:

  • Python and Embedded C
  • Gradient Boosting Algorithm
  • Sensors and display components
  • Cloud to store the data

5. Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation used to identify the behaviour of the customers like gender, age, economic status, type of interests etc. This project is based on unsupervised learning. Partition method is used to split the customers according to given attributes. This data science project is useful for the identification of the potential customer for selling the product. You can use mall customer dataset to train models.

Language and algorithms used in this project:

  • R
  • K-mean clustering
  • Density-based clustering
  • Model-based clustering
  • Partition method

So these are the top data science projects for final year students.

Below is the list of more data science projects:

  • Traffic Signs Recognition
  • Regression Analysis
  • Breast Cancer Classification
  • Movie Recommendation System
  • Chatbot
  • Fake News Detection
  • House price prediction system
  • Handwritten digit recognition
  • Detecting Parkinson’s disease
  • Speech emotion recognition
  • Uber data analysis
  • Image caption generator
  • Breast cancer classification

A best final year project will add more value to your resume and also helps you to learn a lot. Thus choose your data science final year project wisely.

P.S - Python, Machine learning, Data mining

Free Data Science Computer Science (CS) Final Year Projects
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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