Getting started with ADAMS - A quick guide for beginners


The first step when it comes to any sort of creation is design. You need to be able to envision and actually lay out what the component will look like. While in the past, after design, most manufacturers moved to the process of prototyping, we have other options now. Prototyping is a process that takes more time, effort and resources as it requires the actual production of these products. Advancements in technology have made it possible to test the design through integral simulations and testing. Whenever any mechanical component is designed, it must be tested heavily for strength under loading. There are a lot of forces that might act on the body, causing vibrations, wear and tear and frictional loss of energy. Therefore, for a mechanical system to work, every part must be tested and analysed. The proper analysis and design of parts is a very important part of the mechanical design process. In this article, we will talk about how the introduction and usage of the ADAMS software have made things easier for designers around the world. 

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Why do we need Adams?

Multi-body dynamics is the process by which we study the effect that various forces will have on a mechanical part. Whenever a part becomes a part of an external environment, there are a lot of outside forces that have an impact on it. Studying these forces and figuring out how it will impact the performance of the product is very important. Doing so helps designers and engineers predict how the product will perform when used in practical instances. Also, a product is usually the end-result of a lot of subsystems working in tandem. Therefore, before production, companies need to do a full-body test to ensure that all the subsystems work well together. ADAMS software helps engineers to do just that. Most designers and engineers use the ADAMS Learn to do a full multi-body dynamic test and motion analysis for their product.

Therefore, instead of checking one subsystem at a time by giving various inputs, it tests the system as a whole to see if it can hold up and do the job it is required to. Not only does it point out whether there is any gap in data transmission, but it also showcases how engineers can improve the efficiency of their design. Around the world, MSC ADAMS is the most popularly used software to study force dynamics associated with moving parts.

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Advantages of learning ADAMS 

  1. Optional Modules which help integrate various components and subsystems
  2. Allows users to build and test virtual prototypes which mimic real-life interactions 
  3. Helps engineers study the dynamic forces that act on moving parts
  4. Enables engineers to represent and understand how load distribution occurs during motion
  5. Improve the performance of products
  6. Lowers production time and cost 
  7. Helps in incorporating real-world physics 
  8. Enables engineers to simultaneously solve various equations for kinematics, dynamics, statics, and quasi-statics
  9. Allows fast computation of nonlinear dynamics

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What are the Available ADAMS Learn Modules

Adams Controls and Mechatronics: Helps you easily incorporate control systems into your mechanical models, and contains different types of modelling elements. You will be able to create assemblies of vehicle systems and then analyse their performance. It also allows users to add block diagram models, convert signal units and connect electrical 

Adams Flex and Viewflex: Allows users to include component flexibility with regards to their overall motion and interaction with other elements. This is very useful in complex analysis situations wherein deformation effects must be considered for design analysis. Adams Flex also allows users to import FEA packages, whereas ViewFlex enables users to transform rigid parts into MNF-based flexible body.

Adams Durability: Durability testing is an important part of product development and not doing the right testing leads to the failure of the entire system. This module allows users to assess stress, strain, life and durability of components under various situations and instances.

Adams Vibration: Adams Vibration allows engineers to replace physical tests with prototypes. By using frequency domain analysis, engineers can figure out how a model will respond to the outside environment. It also checks the model for rotational imbalance, action of frequency-based forces and evaluates frequency responses.

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What tests can you do with ADAMS?

Now that we know how important and expansive the ADAMS tutorials are, let us take a look at what the software can replicate and analyse. Here’s a list of tests the software is capable of running;

  1. Rigid analysis
  2. Flexible multibody systems
  3. Sensitivity testing
  4. Vibration analysis 
  5. Vehicle systems testing
  6. Control system analysis
  7. Mechanical system analysis
  8. Kinematics of components
  9. Kinetics of motion
  10. Friction analysis
  11. Loads and force analysis 
  12. Life-cycle analysis
  13. Fatigue and fracture
  14. Energy distribution
  15. Plotting stress-strain curves

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How to learn ADAMS? 

Below is some best mechanical online course to learn about MSC ADAMS:

1. Multi-Body Dynamics with ADAMS

ADAMS is a leading tool used for multibody dynamics testing. This multi-body dynamics online course will help you use the same industry standards as Lockheed Martin and Mahindra. By the end of this ADAMS online course, you will learn how to use ADAMS to design and improve products. The course starts with teaching you how to build, simulate and test mechanisms. You will become well-versed in creating motions, plotting graphs and optimizing mechanisms. The different mechanisms you will be building and analysing include; Four-bar mechanism, Valvetrain Mechanism, suspension systems, gyroscopes and aircraft control surfaces.

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2. Vehicle Dynamics with ADAMS

Top Formula 1 companies and automotive manufacturers rely on the ADAMS software to test their designs. If you are a young engineer with a passion for vehicles, then this multibody dynamics online course is for you. Through this ADAMS online course, you will learn how to build, test and simulate various subsystems and Vehicle mechanisms in ADAMS. Students also get an opportunity to learn how to optimize the ABS System, wiper mechanism and suspension of the vehicle. 

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For mechanical engineers, being able to gauge whether a design will hold its own during practical applications is very essential. To do so, taking up such ADAMS online courses is important. These ADAMS for beginners tutorials and courses will help leverage your knowledge of such software, helping you get ahead within the industry. 

Getting started with ADAMS - A quick guide for beginners
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-03-14

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