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How to build a career in Cloud Computing? A Quick Guide for beginners

An increase in the number of people using computers has led to data storage becoming a priority. Across all fields, being able to store and process data is paramount to success. Whether you are a small or large business, you need to organise and maintain important data. Doing so requires a lot of IT support which some businesses cannot afford as an in-house practice. For such businesses, cloud computing is a cheaper and more efficient solution. Cloud computing allows companies to store, compute and maintain data at lower costs. Due to this useful function, it is gaining prominence around the world. So, how do you build a career in cloud computing? What are some good courses on cloud computing for beginners? Here’s a look at some great cloud computing courses for beginners.

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud Computing is a method for providing extra computational capacity over a network. It is an alternative to having such computing power at the physical customer location. Everything from extra RAM, to Storage space, maybe delivered remotely in this manner. Examples of such services include Google Cloud, Azure and AWS. Cloud computing makes it possible for companies to carry and access data at a minimal cost.

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What are the different types of cloud computing?

Private Cloud: The cloud carries resources for a particular organisation, for intra-business interactions

Community Cloud: The cloud carries resources for community or related organisations. 

Public Cloud: The cloud carries data related to several organisations, for B2C interactions.

Hybrid Cloud: Such clouds work for both B2B and B2C interactions, as the data is a part of different clouds.

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Cloud computing - Benefits 

  • Requires less IT infrastructure 
  • Reduces the computer costs for users
  • Helps in improving performance
  • Gives rise to fewer maintenance issues
  • Access to instant software updates
  • Leads to better compatibility between Operating systems
  • Provides Backup and recovery options
  • Helps companies to improve their performance and scalability
  • Gives companies more storage capacity
  • Provides higher data safety

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Cloud computing helps in decreasing the software and hardware costs of running a business or organisation. It serves as an opportunity to outsource computing requirements, leading to lower in-house needs. Since it decreases hardware demand, cost, storage issues and compatibility problems, it is very popular now. Therefore, software engineers and other computer engineers should look for a career in cloud computing. 

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Skills required to develop a career in cloud computing

  1. Coding skills: A career in cloud computing requires you to be adept at software development and coding. Clouds give programmers a platform to create, develop, host, run and maintain apps. Therefore, cloud computing requires a good knowledge of basic coding skills. You will need to go through cloud computing for beginners courses and learn PHP, Java, .NET and Python. 
  2. Database management: One of the biggest reasons companies turn to cloud computing is to boost their storage capacity. Therefore, a career in cloud computing requires students to have a good knowledge of how databases function and operate. You should also have basic knowledge of any database query language and platform, such as SQL, MySQL, Hadoop or MongoDB.
  3. Linux: Linux is a popular option preferred by many specialists in the field of cloud computing. Since most servers use Linux-based Azure, having Linux skills is an added advantage. 
  4. Courses and IT certifications: If you have external certifications, you will stand out while applying for jobs. Popular courses and certifications include AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Agile, Puppet, Chef, Docker and VMware.

Other skills that help you build a career in cloud computing include experience with cloud platforms. Also, having the skill to manage multiple cloud environments will help. Data integration, manipulation and business management are other important skills you need.

How to Build a Career in Cloud Computing?

  1. Make sure you are clear about what you want, and research on what skills you need to build. 
  2. Start working towards your bigger goals and constantly push yourself to get better.
  3. Decide what company you want to work for, and start building towards that dream.
  4. Work on expanding your knowledge regarding cloud computing by taking up cloud computing courses.
  5. Take up online cloud computing courses and certification exams to build a portfolio for yourself.
  6. Learn new cloud computing approaches and techniques to make yourself valuable.
  7. Improve your organisational, management and communication skills.
  8. Try adding analytical skills to make yourself stand out.
  9. Apply for internships and complete courses to gain more practical knowledge regarding cloud computing. 

Top cloud computing online courses for beginners 

Below are some cloud computing online courses for beginners that helps you to develop a career in cloud computing:

1. DevOps on AWS project

This is a great cloud computing course that will help you practice your software development and IT operation skills. In this cloud computing course, students will get an opportunity to learn about how DevOps helps in Cloud-Computing. Students will build, host and run several APIs, and will work on DevOps and AWS Platform. Some of the essential skills students will pick up include AWS, Codepipeline, Cloudwatch, ELB and VPC.

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2. Static Website on AWS project

This cloud computing for beginners project will serve as a perfect introduction to Cloud-Computing in a practical way. Static web pages help in delivering images, videos and JavaScript to visitors. In this course, students will learn how to use AWS for Cloud Computing and develop a Static Website on AWS. Other things they will learn include connecting to Amazon S3, encryption and workings of DNS servers. The skills they will pick up include AWS Architecture and components, CDN, Cloudfront and CD Integration.

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3. Dynamic Website on AWS project

A Dynamic Website helps businesses interact with their customers in an effective manner. In this cloud computing for beginners course, students will learn about how AWS helps host dynamic websites. This course serves as an introduction to Cloud computing and Dynamic Website development on AWS. Useful skills the students will pick up include AWS, Relational Database Services, EC2 servers VPC and security.

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4. Serverless on AWS project

Going serverless helps companies to host and run apps without managing their architecture. AWS handles server management and architecture, helping companies to scale their operations. In this cloud computing course, students will learn how to build a serverless website by using AWS Lambda functions. Students will also learn about AWS Architecture, Lambda, DynamoDB and Cognito.

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As we have seen, cloud coming is the future of IT infrastructure management. With more and more businesses running out of space, a career in cloud computing is looking promising. Make use of your free time by enrolling in cloud computing courses to ensure a better future for yourself!

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How to build a career in Cloud Computing? A Quick Guide for beginners
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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