How to Build a Successful Career in Data mining?

Today’s economy depends heavily on analytics. A career in data mining is, therefore, looking very promising. All companies have access to large volumes of data. They need someone to go through, sieve and process all this data. Data analyst career options give people a chance to help companies make informed decisions. In recent years, there has been a huge surge in the demand for data miners and analysts. A data science career is, therefore, looking more lucrative than ever before. So, how do you make the best use of these trends to leverage your position? Here’s a look at how to build a successful career in data mining by taking up some in-depth courses. 

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1. Data Analytics using R

Who is a Data Scientist?

A data scientist is someone who goes through large volumes of data to analyse and process it. Often regarded as one of the best roles in a data science career, such scientists help companies make good decisions. They sieve through data to find patterns and trends, which help in gaining an insight into the workings of a market. They operate between finance, and the IT world and help bridge the gap between the two.

Important computing skills for data mining

  1. Since we live in a digital age, almost any data analyst career option requires good programming skills. Therefore, when it comes to a career in data science, you need to make sure that you have skills in multiple languages. 
  2. Most data scientists are highly educated, with over 88% having a Master’s and 46% holding PhDs. Hence, it makes sense to invest heavily in education and graduate with a specialization in data mining or analysis.
  3. Try to build some understanding of R programming because it is used heavily to build analytical tools. R helps in solving problems, coding algorithms and solving statistical issues that may arise. 
  4. Furthermore, get some certification in languages like C/C++ and Python as they form the building blocks of programming. 
  5. Gain experience working on the Hadoop platform, Hive or Pig to explore, filter through and sample data.
  6. Work with SQL and other database management platforms to understand how to process data. Such platforms help you to both perform basic and analytical operations on datasets.
  7. Try your hand at Apache Spark which helps with big data computation and analysis. 
  8. Machine Learning capabilities and experience working with AI methodologies. 
  9. An ability to visualise data and comprehend it efficiently and effectively. Experience with tools like Matplotlib, Tableau and ggplot also helps tremendously.
  10. Other requirements include problem-solving skills, curiosity, basic business acumen and good communication skills.

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5 Reasons why data analytics is the best career choice

  1. Data Science career options are growing day by day, thanks to soaring demand for analysts. Though large companies collect data, it is useless if they cannot process it, and this is where data analysts come into the picture. Every year, the number of opportunities within Big Data keeps growing.
  2. Evolving Market that continues to adapt to the future. Data analytics is one of the few in-demand future job markets that is constantly evolving. Experts feel that the Analytics market will balloon to become worth one-third of the entire IT market.
  3. The existence of a skill gap means that qualified professionals can make it big for themselves in data mining. McKinsey believes the US will be short of 190,000 data scientists by 2020. Hence by enrolling in courses and upskilling yourself, you can make it big in the field of data analytics. 
  4. Not only does the field have a lot of opportunities, but it is also integral to corporations moving forward. To compete with other players within the field, you need to be able to make informed decisions. Big Data is a priority for organisations because it gives them the power to make the right decisions. 
  5. Availability of the right tools is making it easier to perform analysis on data. Therefore, technology is a lot more accessible now than ever before. Also, the implementation of such technology has also risen exponentially. 

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Job Opportunities for a Career In Data Mining 

Business Intelligence Analyst: Figure out market trends by analysing data, and helping companies create a plan of action.

Data Mining Engineer: Examines all kinds of data to develop algorithms that help in sorting, filtering and analysing the data further.

Data Architect: Create systems that help with integrating, filtering and protecting datasets.

Data Scientist: Create business plans and help bridge the technical and financial aspects of business management.

How Do I start learning data mining? 

Below are some data mining online courses which will help you to develop a successful career in data mining.

1. Data Analytics using R

With so much data everywhere, anyone capable of deciphering it becomes inherently valuable. Build a career in data science by enrolling in this course on R. Through this course you will learn how to use R for data analytics and will gain practical know-how by working on real-time projects. The topics you will explore include quality datasets, filtering techniques, basics of programming and data visualisation.

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2. Python for Data Science

Python is a powerful programming language that helps data scientists. Get ahead and build a data analyst career profile yourself by enrolling in this course. Through this course, you will explore how Python helps with Machine Learning and Data Visualization. Students will explore Python, the world of data science and how Matplotlib and other scikit-learn libraries work.

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Data science and analytics is an up-and-coming field that will greatly do well in the future. As with all disciplines of programming, practice is key here. Therefore, take some time off and invest in building the skills required to grow as a data analyst. Our courses will help you leverage the right tools to build a good profile for yourself. Furthermore, by mastering such skills and tools, you will be able to become a vital asset to organisations, helping become a reason for their growth. Boost their business, and your career in data mining by being a part of such great courses!

How to Build a Successful Career in Data mining?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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How to Build a Successful Career in Data mining?

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