How to build a successful career in networking?


Ever since the early 2000’s, networking IT has grown to be highly in demand in the job market, creating new opportunities for professional development each day. Networking technology today has proven to be crucial for businesses to function effectively in these fast-changing times. Likewise, companies are facing a shortage of trained professionals for hire and are always on the look-out for skilled personnel. This presents a great opportunity for beginners and IT graduates to try out a fresh career in Networking Technology. You have the option to apply from a wide spectrum of jobs like Network Technician, Network Analyst and Networking Engineer, that best suits your chosen set of skills. 

Overall, networking, which involves establishing and maintaining a circuit of electronic communication presents you with a plethora of promising opportunities, and here is how you can start early in your career to stay ahead!

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How to get started on learning networking

If you have set yourself on landing a career in Networking, understanding and preparing yourself for a select specialization would surely be the best course of action. As mentioned earlier, networking has a series of specialities for you to try out. 

Here is a list of specializations for you to choose from;

  • Network Specialist
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Network Technician
  • Telecom Project Manager
  • Network Account Manager
  • Networking Program Manager
  • Data Centre Networking Specialist
  • Networking Research and Development Specialist
  • Wireless Infrastructure and Mobility Specialist 

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Once you have decided on a speciality the first step to mastering any specialization requires you to get acquainted with the basics. As a beginner, you need to know that networking essentially means – switches, routers and wireless access points (WAPs), and how to connect them. As a professional, your role would be to optimize these components for company networks to work smoother and faster. The following steps should help you outline your networking career path.

1. Getting trained as a Network Specialist: Putting yourself on the job market with a degree in Networking attests to your capabilities as a learner. In the eyes of your recruiter, having a four-year degree in IT demonstrates how you have a strong knowledge base in wireless IP networking, connectivity, administration and routing. Investing in an IT degree gives your resume a certified badge as a professional, but in order to keep up with the competition, there are other options to consider.

2. Gaining Certification: The networking arena is a large umbrella housing several minute specialisations. Employers not only seek a background in IT but people who are constantly evolving to match the changing needs. In order to advance your career in networking, you can take on side courses that provide specific task-oriented training and reward you with certified credentials. Courses like CompTIA Network+ or any CWNP certification can offer you such credentials for an entry-level job.

3. Getting Skilled from the Start: If you are looking for a head start in a networking career, taking on short term projects locally can give you the exposure you need. Also, there are courses online that can help you get acquainted with the responsibilities of a Networking specialist and equip you with the tools to get better at the job earlier on. Desk internships or working part-time while studying can give you early hands-on experience. This way you can prepare yourself for professional interviews and possess a significant advantage beforehand.

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Scope and Pay of a Career in Networking

India is a rapidly growing and changing IT hub with a vast scope of employment across several domains. Your set of skills and training can find you a job in engineering, handling or even managing the networking needs of a company. Companies like Infosys, Tech Mahindra and HCL are always on the lookout for fresh skilled candidates.

List of people who should consider a career in Networking;

  • Someone who has the desire to work in industries like Information Technology, Computer System Design, Education Services etc.
  • Has an edge over technical skills and technological prowess.
  • Adept in studying coding and has problem-solving skills.
  • Curious about the future in Business technology.

Your role and remuneration as a Network specialist depend on the pressure and responsibilities which your job entails. There are different levels of requirements in networking and here are some of their responsibilities,

  • Network Administrator – An administrator has the responsibility of maintaining and configuring the company’s computer network, while also solving any problems related to the same. (Administrator with 4 years of experience can earn an average of 3 Lakhs per annum).
  • Network Security Administrator -Analysing and troubleshooting virus threats to the network is the job description of a security administrator. It is one of the most crucial networking posts since a single virus can cause a tremendous loss of data. (Security Administrator with 4 years of experience can earn an average of 7 Lakhs per annum).
  • Wireless Network Engineer: An engineer is hired to design and maintain the wireless networking system of an office or company. Such engineers are expected to maintain certain industry standards and is marked as a skilled professional. (Network Engineers can earn from 4Lakhs p.a. to 11 Lakhs p.a. on average).

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What are networking companies?

The world is connected today via a network known as the “Internet”. It is through this network that businesses of all scales are now connecting to a global market through which anyone, anywhere in the world has access to them. Networking companies take up the role of designing and creating technology which makes it more convenient for us to connect to each other more efficiently. 

Here are a few Networking companies to look into;

  1. Cisco.
  2. Juniper.
  3. Brocade.
  4. IBM.
  5. Intel.
  6. Microsoft.

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How to Build a Successful Career in Networking?

At first, a career in networking might seem intimidating at first but can be quite rewarding in the long run if pursued systematically. Following are a few simple steps you need to get started in a career in Networking,

Step 1: Graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. This would be a 3 years degree course which will equip you with all the basics of computer science. Or, opt for a 4-year computer engineering program specializing in Network Engineering.

Step 2: Grab an internship post your graduation to get early hands-on experience in the field.

Step 3: Even if you don’t land an engineering job when starting out, you can take up the role of an administrator or technician, and help maintain or troubleshoot the onboard company network. This will grant you rewarding exposure to later land a job as a Network Engineer.

Step 4: We at Skyfi Labs provide training and courses that will help you get acquainted with all protocols and facets of Networking. At the beginner’s level, you can get certified in ‘Networking with Cisco Packet Tracer’ and get an edge over your skills when applying.

As discussed so far in this article, you now know what it takes to become a Networking Specialist and how to jump-start your career with confidence. Log on to our website at Skify labs and stay ahead of the curve by getting certified in a plethora of specializations today. 

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How to build a successful career in networking?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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How to build a successful career in networking?

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