How to develop a successful career in blockchain?

“Bitcoin Network”, “Blockchain Technology”, “Cryptocurrency” are some terms popularly used these days in the field of banking, investment, etc. Even if you are not related to these banking terms, you must have heard about them. What exactly is the first thing (at the basic level) that pops up into your head when you hear them? Well, if you are a complete stranger to these terms, then fret not as this article is only about Blockchain Technology. In the initial sections of this article, topics like “What is Blockchain”, “Skill Sets to become a blockchain developer” are covered while in the later section, you will find some interesting facts about how you can develop a successful career in blockchain technology. Skyfi Labs is again offering students a wonderful opportunity to learn about this technology so make sure you don’t lose out one.

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What exactly does Blockchain mean?

Blockchain, as the word suggests, “Block”, referring to pieces of digital data or information and “Chain”, a chain of such information stored in a database for public use. Let us understand what Blockchain has got to do with banking. For instance, let us suppose that you click on a shopping website and select dresses for yourself and after a lot of confusion, you finally pick out one! Now once you click the “buy now” option, you are then directed to proceed for payment. The time, date you make the purchase at/on, the amount that you have to pay and information about who is taking part in that transaction gets stored in those Blocks. Every Block in the chain differs from the other in the sense of “hash” which is a unique credential labelled to it.

Another better example to understand about it is the Google Docs which allows several users to access it simultaneously while also changing every change made to it. Not a copy but the original document is available to people.

Every Blockchain consists of three parts: Block, nodes and miners.

Having now known a bit about Blockchain let us see some skills that are required to be a blockchain developer.

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5 skills required to be a successful Blockchain developer

Before getting into this, it is important to understand the role of a Blockchain Developer. Anyone who is well versed at developing blockchain technology and who knows how to diligently create web apps and build optimised blockchain protocols that are required to form the basic blockchain structure. Following mentioned are the five very important skills needed to become a master at this. 

  1. Data Structures
  2. Blockchain Architecture
  3. Cryptography
  4. Web Development
  5. Smart Contract Development

These skills may sound relatable at first but having in-depth knowledge about each of them is what will make you a good developer at Blockchain. Data Structures, Cryptography are some of the topics that need rigorous practice and knowledge. Some previous experience in Bitcoin or Ethereum is highly appreciated but if you don’t know, don’t worry at all as at Skyfi Labs, you get to learn blockchain technology from scratch that helps you to develop a successful career in blockchain. 

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Career Opportunities in Blockchain Technology

Undoubtedly speaking, Blockchain has gained momentum in the last decade due to its flexible and wide use in many areas of work. As discussed above, Blockchain Technology finds great use in banking and Bitcoin Network. Apart from it, transactions, payments and business networks are also some places where Blockchain Technology is extensively used. Such a latest technology that has been doing wonders around the world surely has to be in your list. Have a look at some of its uses:

  • Personal Identification
  • Blockchain music
  • Blockchain healthcare
  • Blockchain identity
  • Blockchain government
  • Insurance
  • Supply Chain Sensors
  • Vested responsibility
  • Asset management
  • Hard money lending
  • Smart appliances
  • Public value
  • Cross border payments
  • Death, birth certificates

You can get many career opportunities and by learning Blockchain you can be able to fit into any of these following roles:

  1. Blockchain legal consultant
  2. Blockchain UX designer
  3. Blockchain Quality Engineer
  4. Blockchain Solution Architect
  5. Blockchain Project Manager
  6. Crypto Broker
  7. Analyst

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Top online courses to develop a career in blockchain technology

Blockchain for engineers: In this blockchain online course, you will learn about Introduction to Blockchain, how Blockchain works, various mining techniques, creating your first Blockchain, creating your own currency, smart contracts.

You will start by building a simple blockchain, and further you will learn to create your own cryptocurrency, and learn to create smart contracts too.
Also as a part of the course, you will learn about mining and the concepts of cryptocurrency transactions.

This course is suitable for students willing to work and develop an exciting career in the Blockchain domain.

Getting to know about such programs and then being able to implement and execute it, is really an exciting job but at the same a tough one as well. This experience is something that can be very thrilling and joyful as you not only get a chance to explore many facts but also learn 

For any information or help, you can always contact our mentors at Skyfi Labs and seek their guidance or visit their website. 

Good luck with your career!

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How to develop a successful career in blockchain?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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