How to develop a successful career in Machine Learning?


The following article deals with the scope of Machine Learning, how to build a successful career in machine learning, how to imbibe relevant skills and how to get enrolled in the big tech giants. It will be useful for the students pursuing Machine Learning and who want to do develop skills in this field. This article also enumerates the ways to improve skills required for being a successful Machine Learning engineer and how to acquire those skills.

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One way to develop a successful career in machine learning is by building hands-on projects. It helps you to learn the required skills practically. We at Skyfi Labs have developed a career building course on Machine Learning and as part of this course, you will develop multiple Machine learning projects. These projects can prove out to be your best plan to get started with Machine Learning and develop a career out of it.

Scope of Machine Learning:

Today Machine Learning is one of the best technologies for engineers. In short, Machine learning can be defined as how a system or a program learns from the activities of the users and make themselves more updated, advanced and user-friendly. It follows the user’s interest and tries to show what is in favor of users.

Machine Learning is required in almost all fields and thus makes it a very desirable course for the students. Big companies look for unique skills in a candidate. Knowledge of Machine Learning can give you that out of the edge perk to your resume.

Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Google and many more employ Machine Learning engineers who build models that help in generating recommendations for the users.

To sum up, Machine Learning is the technology of the present as well as future and one can have an excellent future if he/she pursues the course.

Skills required to develop a successful career in Machine Learning:

Skills required to develop a successful career in Machine Learning

  1. Coding/ programming skills in Python/R/C++: You need to have the relevant coding skills to master Machine Learning, with Python being the most preferred language and R being the second preference for Machine Learning. They are the basic stepping stones toward building models and later on combined with algorithms to generate the required program.
  2. Stats and Probability: Along with the knowledge of coding, you must have the knowledge of statistics as well as probability. In order to learn about the algorithms such a Naive Bayes, K-nearest neighbor, etc. you must be well aware of these two areas.
  3. Knowledge of Algorithms: The names of a few Machine Learning algorithms include K- Nearest Neighbor, Naïve Bayes, Decision trees, Linear Regression, Logistic regression, etc. You must have the knowledge of the code behind these algorithms for building up a model.
  4. Evaluation and Data Modelling: Evaluation of the model and knowing how good is the model, is also required. Other factors include Data cleaning, data slicing, etc. and knowing about them is a necessary part of Machine Learning.
  5. Other Skills:
  6. Stay Updated: Staying updated with the latest technologies is required.
  7. Read and Search: Browsing and gathering information on Machine Learning and inventing something new proves beneficial.
  8. Projects: Look for small projects in Machine Learning and start building them. Nothing is better than having practical knowledge and hands-on experience.

How to develop the required skills to build a successful career in Machine Learning:

How to develop the required skills to build a successful career in Machine Learning

  1. One can always refer to YouTube videos or take a short course to learn programming. Just pick a suitable language of your choice and start work on it.
  2. Again videos might help in learning statistics and probability, but referring to some good books proves a lot more helpful.
  3. In order to learn the crux of algorithms, first, write the algorithm and then try to figure out the function of each line. By this, you will be able to know every action of yours that you want to perform.
  4. Hard work is the key to success. Keep trying and work upon things that you feel lacking in you and you are sure to cross all the barriers in your way.

What are all the Machine Learning based companies?

It is the era of Machine Learning. It has spread its wings in the majority of sectors and industries. You will hardly find any company not using Machine Learning, be it Facebook, Google, Amazon, Linked In and the list is endless.

Given below are the names of some of the best national as well as international Machine Learning based companies that offer huge packages along with an amazing working environment to an employee who has good command in Machine Learning:

  • Value Coders
  • ArStudiouz
  • Focaloid Technologies
  • Azilen
  • Dogtown Media
  • Hidden Brains
  • QBurst
  • RIT Solution
  • Endive Software
  • Icreon
  • InData Labs
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • IBM Watson
  • Uber

How to develop a successful career in Machine Learning:

We at Skyfi Labs have resources to help you build a successful career in various latest technological domains. For machine learning, we offer machine learning career-building online course that is purely career focused. In this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge about the latest concepts and technologies that will be useful to build your career in machine learning.


Key Tip: Hands on projects are the best way to start with Machine Learning Technology.

Some of the best projects in Machine Learning are mentioned below:

1. Movie Recommendation using machine learning: With this project, you will develop a machine learning model to recommend movie titles based on the user’s viewing history. This is very similar to the one that you experience in Netflix.

By building this project you will learn the concepts:

  • Mean Squared Error Function
  • Linear Regression & its types
  • Update Function
  • Clustering in Machine Learning
  • K-Nearest neighbors

2. House price prediction using machine learning: With this project, you will develop a machine learning algorithm on house price prediction using python. This project will be your gateway into understanding the concepts of machine learning and its libraries.

By developing this machine learning project, you will learn the following concepts:

  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Importing & processing a dataset
  • Evaluation and visualization of the model
  • Anaconda, Jupyter, pandas, sklearn, and numpy

3. Fraud detection using machine learning: With this project, you will develop a machine learning model to detect credit card fraudulent transactions. Credit card processing fraud has hit $32.320 trillion in total. So, all the banks are looking for ways to tackle this. By learning this machine learning project will open up new opportunities for you.

By developing this machine learning project, you will learn the concepts of:

  • Mean Squared Error Function
  • Linear Regression & its types
  • SelectKBest features
  • Gaussian Naive Bayes Algorithm
  • Confusion Matrix

4. Handwritten Digits Recognition using Machine Learning: This Machine Learning project finds its application in recognizing number plates of vehicles, processing bank cheque amounts, numeric entries in forms filled up by hand, etc. By building this machine learning project, you will learn about various machine learning algorithms and develop a machine learning model to recognize handwritten digits using MNIST data. This machine learning project will be your stepping stone for your career in machine learning. 
By developing this machine learning project, you will learn about:

  • Deep Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Tensorflow & Keras Libraries

Hope you got some idea about how to build a successful career in Machine learning.

If you are very interested to build a career in machine learning and want to develop the skills for it, we at Skyfi Labs are there to help you. Skyfi Labs Machine Learning career building course provides a wide range of skills, needed to master machine learning. In this course, you will learn machine learning concepts from basic principles to advanced techniques by building projects.

Skyfi Labs promotes students to gain expertise in any technology by providing courses on almost every technology. Excellent mentorship from the prodigious mentors along with the transportation of kit (if required) right to your place. So, you need not compromise with your dream and spare no pain in pursuing your dreams.

Apart, from Machine learning, Skyfi Labs also provides career building courses on other technologies for building a good career. You can check the project details by clicking the link below.

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