Latest blockchain projects for engineering students

Blockchain is quite a new and emerging technology. Though it was developed only a few years ago, its growth is rapidly increasing. Its uniqueness and efficiency are the main reasons. It is the technology behind the Bitcoin Network. It is widely used in cryptocurrencies, video games, financial services, supply chain, and many other fields. Therefore, blockchain will have a great demand in the coming future. It is the perfect time to learn this technology. The increasing demand will yield better job opportunities. So, let us get in-depth about Blockchain and projects related to blockchain.

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1. Blockchain for Engineers

What is Blockchain?

In simple words, Blockchain is a public database of records. It is a growing list of digital information, linked using cryptography. It stores transaction information between organizations. The information once stored cannot be modified or changed. Therefore, all the digital information that a block contains is permanent. 

Each block is different from the other, making their information unique. A chain of such unique information blocks is termed as “blockchain”. It is a public, peer to peer network. Blockchain is secure for business since it promises transactional transparency. The Bitcoin network is the most popular example of blockchain technology.

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Latest projects on Blockchain

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What is Blockchain used for?

Blockchain technology has its applications in multiple areas. It is widely used in banking, healthcare, property records, smart contracts, etc. most cryptocurrencies used the technology for various transactions. Blockchain holds the foundation of smart contracts thus involving no human interaction. Not only this, but the famous video game of Cryptokitties was also based on blockchain only. Blockchain domain names are one of the unique applications. They are different from normal domain names. They provide complete authority to the owner to control these domain names. Apart from this, blockchain is also used in energy trading, supply chain, online voting, etc.

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How to learn Blockchain?

Undoubtedly, blockchain is an emerging field. It has a great career scope. At the same time, it is also interesting and beneficial for people in every field. Since it is a broad field, learning blockchain from a correct source is important. But with a variety of courses available online, it is difficult to choose the appropriate one. To make it easier for you, here we have the most appropriate course for you.

Blockchain for Engineers

This online course is a blessing for all the beginners. It starts by covering the basics and explains the practical aspect too. Cryptocurrency is the most interesting application of blockchain. Through this course, an individual will be able to develop his own cryptocurrency. This will also teach about smart contracts, mining, and transactions. This is the best kickstart for your career in Blockchain and its applications. 

This course offers live online classes by experts. This way the interaction becomes easy. Learning in such a way ensures convenience and best results. This also provides a certificate so that one can build a better profile.

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Latest blockchain projects for engineering students

Following are some blockchain projects that you can develop to understand more about this technology:

1. Online Voting System based on Blockchain:

There are always multiple doubts about the security of electronic voting machines (EVMs). And so the questions on voting being fare arise a lot. Blockchain can resolve this issue. The data once entered in a block cannot be altered. So if voting is done using the blockchain technology, it will ensure transparency. Moreover, if this is successfully implemented, the chaos of waiting in long queues can be prevented. People can vote directly from their homes. This blockchain project will result in saving a lot of money spend on voting centers and training individuals. 

2.Smart contracts using Blockchain:

In many cases, investors don’t know where their money is being invested. This even leads to the misuse of this money in the wrong places. If a contract is developed through blockchain, investors can easily know where the money is going. Also, money can be blocked until the startup makes progress. This blockchain project leads to more secure and assured usage of money in contracts.

3. Fake product identification using Blockchain:

Nowadays, fake products are floating a lot in the market. They are sold at cheaper rates than the original product. Sometimes, they are even sold at the same price. Blockchain has a way to prevent such malpractices too. If every company attaches a unique barcode on their products, it can be linked through blockchain. The consumers can scan the barcode on the product they wish to buy. This blockchain project will tell them if the product is real or fake. 

4. Ride-Sharing using Blockchain:

Most of the online cab facilities include middlemen. The general public is connected to the company. The company then connects them with the drivers. This makes the people dependant on a particular company. If people are directly connected to the driver, the journey can be more reliable and cost-effective. Blockchain eliminates the middlemen and provides a secure and independent ride system.

5. Disk space renting using Blockchain:

A large amount of space in a disc remains unused. While some people face the problems of low disk space. So why not share this space? This blockchain project focuses on renting the disk space. It supports peer to peer network. If we extend this project globally, it will be an evolution of cloud storage. One can also rent memory. Only a high-speed internet connection is required.

Check out the following list for more blockchain projects:

  • Fleet tracking using blockchain
  • Cryptobike
  • Blockchain smart energy grid
  • Online Protocol for notarizing files
  • Secure mobile connection using blockchain
  • Fake product identification system

The above projects are best for beginners to try. A lot of other projects can also be made using blockchain. Projects on cryptocurrency, live location tracking, web hosting, transparent and genuine applications, are some examples. 

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So, gear up! Start learning Blockchain now. Enjoy the process and promise yourself a better future.

Latest blockchain projects for engineering students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2020-06-17

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