Top C++ Online Courses and Tutorials for beginners

C++ is still one of the most popular programming languages out there. It is the enhanced version of C that includes the parts of C as well as the support for object-oriented programming (OOP). Also, C++ runs on a variety of platforms such as Mac OS, Windows, and various other versions of UNIX. If you are planning to start a career as a Software Engineer then knowledge of C++ is a must. 

This article helps you to learn this amazing programming language by suggesting some best C++ online course and tutorials. These C++ online tutorials approach a simple way to explain the concepts of C++ that can be easily understood by beginners as well as experts. 

This article also suggests some best sites to learn C++, C++ projects for beginners and the importance of learning C++. 

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Let’s get started with some basics.

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What is C++?

C++ is a cross-platform programming language that is used to develop software, new programming languages, high-performance applications and so on. It was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup as an upgrade to C programming language. 

Applications of C++ programming

C++ is a widely-used programming language and market its foot in almost every part of software development. Below are some areas where C++ plays an important role:

Operating systems: C++ is a fast and strongly typed programming language which makes it the best choice for developing an operating system. Be it Windows OS or Mac OS or Linux - everything is programmed using C++.

Browsers: Many rendering engines for browsers are programmed using C++ just because of its speed. This helps to load the site content as fast as possible

Computation programming: Scientist and researchers use C++ to develop applications to perform mathematical operations. 

Graphics: C++ is used to develop graphic applications as it requires fast rendering similar to web browsers. This enables the developers to create optimized applications that can even on low-end devices.

Databases: MySQL and Postgre Database management systems are developed using C++. This DBMS are used in our day-to-day applications - YouTube, Google Drive, Quora, etc.

Compilers: C++ and C are used as backend programming languages to develop the compilers of other programming languages. 

Banking applications: Banking applications require low latency support as it processes millions of transaction on a daily basis. Thus C++ automatically becomes the choice of language to develop such applications.

Embedded systems: As C++ is closer to hardware level than other high-level languages it is used in various embedded systems like smartwatches, Arduino, medical machines, etc. 

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C++ compilers

There are many C++ compilers available here is the list that contains some of the best:

  • Apple C++ .Xcode
  • Mentor Graphics
  • Intel C++
  • HP C++
  • Oracle C++
  • IBM C++
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Bloodshed Dev-C++
  • GNU CC source

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How to get started with C++?

First, you need two things - Text editor and compiler.

Or, you can also use the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like Eclipse, Visual Studio and Code:: Blocks. With IDE you can do both compiling and editing. 

Even there are some web-based IDE’s but with limited functionality. 

Top C++ online courses and tutorials for beginners

1. C++ for engineers: Programming skill has become mandatory for engineers irrespective of their major. Engineers with programming skills will always have an upper hand over others during the job placements. C++ is one of the popular languages that find its applications in engineering fields like mechanical designing, CAD and CAM. This C++ online course gives you an in-depth understanding of the C++ programming language from basics. As part of this online course, you will develop various real-time projects that help you to build your resume and crack interviews. 

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2. Game development using C++: Game development is one of the evergreen fields with the advancement in smartphones and electrical devices the requirement for game developers is also increasing. C++ programming language is widely used by game developers to develop interactive games. In this C++ online course, you will work with Unity engine and learn to develop AR game applications and simple games like snake game, hangman, etc. 

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The above-mentioned C++ online courses are conducted in live sessions by industry experts which provides a better learning experience even for beginners with zero knowledge. 

Beginner C++ projects

This part of the article covers some basic C++ projects for beginners that can be developed to learn C++ concepts practically. 

  • Face detection using C++
  • Creating a port scanner
  • Student data management
  • Simple ball game using OpenGL
  • Minesweeper game
  • Library management system
  • Student report card project
  • Supermarket billing system
  • Snake and latter game project
  • Hangman game project
  • Banking system project
  • Personal diary management system
  • Telecom billing system
  • Railway reservation system using C++
  • Tank Game using C++
  • Digital Clock in C++
  • Ludo game using C++
  • Car rental system
  • Human resource management system
  • Mess management system

and many more…

You can check out this link for more C++ projects and tutorials.

Top C++ Online Courses and Tutorials for beginners
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