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In a world where hackers invade the private space of people or just crack through different computer systems, there is the term “ethical hacking”. Is hacking really “ethical”? Well yes, ethical hacking is a part of cybersecurity. Ethical Hackers are the people who prevent criminal hackers from hacking computer systems. Hackers don’t really require any specific degree. Recruiters generally consider only their skills. This is a great time to learn ethical hacking. Companies offer excessively high pay to ethical hackers these days. Of course, data is a very essential resource for every company. And to protect it is a big responsibility. Nowadays, ethical hackers work in every field and industry. From finance to healthcare and IT firms, every industry needs ethical hackers. This article helps you to learn ethical hacking by suggesting some of the best ethical hacking online courses.

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What is Ethical Hacking?

To put it in the simplest words, ethical hacking is protecting the system from threats. It is both a challenging and fun job. Ethical Hacking refers to legally breaking into a computer system and identifying the vulnerabilities. Thus, it is also called penetration testing. It is interesting how one can break into computers without having any fear of being arrested. Ethical hackers’ salaries range somewhere between $55k to $90k and more. 

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What do Ethical Hackers do?

  • First and the most important thing is understanding the needs, scope, and goal. This may vary from one organization to another. So, the ethical hacker must have proper knowledge of what its organization aims at.
  • Next comes the discovery part. The ethical hacker must know about the network, patch levels, IP addresses, application, and basically everything that is at the risk of exploitation.
  • After doing a thorough job of discovery, its time to break-in. This is the task for which organizations to hire ethical hackers. Ethical Hackers need to find exploits and work on vulnerabilities.
  • After achieving the goals, a professional ethical hacker presents the final report. The report must include goals, findings, and accomplishments.

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Scope of Ethical Hacking

The first thing an individual requires to be an ethical hacker is the passion for hacking. The next important thing is the knowledge of programming and networking. A deep understanding of cybersecurity is really essential. 

Before jumping into the industry and start working professionally, one needs both knowledge and experience. So, how to gather the right experience? Freelancing is a great option for all beginners. This tests their skills and polishes them further. With this, an ethical hacker is ready to start his professional career.

Every industry requires security for its systems. So, ethical hacking is a booming profession. But, Hackers are mostly judged as criminals. A career in hacking is still not acceptable in our society. People doubt the job and the profession. But it is only the people who are not fully aware of the terms like ethical hacking. Today, a career in ethical hacking is definitely a great choice!

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Top online courses to learn ethical hacking

With the rapidly increasing demand for ethical hackers, this is the perfect time to learn ethical hacking. As discussed, skills are of utmost importance. So, how to find the best ethical hacking tutorial? This may be difficult. Well, we make it easier for you. Here is the best ethical hacking online course offered by Skyfi Labs where you can learn directly from the industrial experts. 

Ethical hacking and penetration testing

This is the best pick for anyone who wishes to transform from a beginner to a professional in ethical hacking. This ethical online course covers the very basics of hacking. It will start with the basics of Kali Linux. It will then teach you about information gathering, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, password cracking, and much more!

Since the classes are online, it is very safe and convenient. Through this course, you will definitely acquire the essential skills. This course also provides one on one doubt sessions by experts. Although you will receive a certificate for this course, it is not the most attractive part here. The most important element of this course is the final project. This will make your portfolio interesting. Adding a project to your CV will also increase your market demand.

With enough knowledge of the field of ethical hacking, we now know how crucial this job is! This clearly signifies its high demand and salaries. This is the perfect time to start a career in the field. So, if you have the apt passion and determination to be an ethical hacker, don’t wait!

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Top online courses to learn ethical hacking
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-05-04

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