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Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest fields of engineering. It helps with the designing, creating and testing of everything we see around us. Everything from the toothbrush we use in the morning, to the bed we sleep at night has some components of mechanical engineering in it. Therefore, the field requires a lot of problem-solving skills, as with almost every area of engineering. One of the most critical skills a mechanical engineer can have is the ability to envision and visualize objects around them. This allows them to design and model components, which then go into creating the final product. So what helps a mechanical engineer visualize what he or she wants to create? Most engineers rely on software tools to help them model and visualize their ideas. There are a lot of software tools out there that engineers use while designing a component. One of the most popular tools used for 2D and 3D modelling in SolidWorks. Since designing and modelling are such essential functions that mechanical engineers need to do daily, knowing how to handle SolidWorks is a crucial skill that most engineers need to have. Here’s a look at some of the top online courses to learn SolidWorks and why you need to do it.

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What is CAD?

CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design and is a process by which machines help us to design and create components digitally. It is a process that has replaced manual drafting, as it is more efficient and productive. By using such software, engineers can design, create, conceptualize, model and test their ideas on a digital platform. It has powerful 2D and 3D drafting tools which make it easier for engineers to develop both 2D part drawings and 3D models of components. Furthermore, many of such software also has capabilities to run various tests and simulations. This allows engineers to test their components for strength and stress analysis, which, in turn, will enable them to refine and redesign until they get the perfect element.

Why Use Such Software Tools?

  1. In the early stages, engineers use such software tools to begin sketching their initial idea for a component.
  2. They can sketch many ideas and then choose one from among them as an ideal choice.
  3. Once they have finalised on the part design, they can use such software to create a 3D model of the same.
  4. Once the model is complete, they can assemble the various parts used and create the final assembly.
  5. This assembly can then be checked for dynamic loading, force analysis, stress analysis, kinematic linkages, and so much more.
  6. Such analysis reveals any flaws if they are present.
  7. If so, the engineer goes back to designing the part and modifies his or her design until it can perform well in the test.
  8. Hence, using such software makes the entire design process a lot more organised and efficient, as the engineer does not have to create new blueprints each time, but instead needs to correct his old design.

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What is SolidWorks?

SolidWorks, created by Dassault Systems, was launched in 1995 as a 3D modelling software which helps engineers conceptualize, design, model and test their components. It is parametric, and hence, works based on dimensional values. It has various tools which allow it to run simulations, draw assemblies, test components and even render parts. SolidWorks has an intuitive interface that focuses on user experience enabling it to have a clean and thorough function set. Therefore, it is a vital tool in the product design, manufacturing and production industry.

What is SolidWorks used for?

  • It is used in the fashion industry to design everything from shoes to purses. Many extreme sports equipment requires a large number of stress and strength tests to be done, and most of such simulations are done on SolidWorks.
  • Automobile manufacturers run their entire design process on SolidWorks, designing everything from the engine to the wheel rim using this software. They are also able to test their chassis for force and stress analysis using this software, which helps them understand how much load the engine can take without failure.
  • Formula1 racing cars are designed and tested within this virtual environment which allows users to emulate certain wind conditions and road conditions, which make aerodynamic testing possible.
  • The space industry relies on SolidWorks to test their tools and components.
  • SolidWorks finds a place in designing Disney projects, CGI animations, sculptures and even architectural structures.
  • SolidWorks helps in the development of medical devices and mechanical testing kits.

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Why SolidWorks

  1. Create accurate 2D drawings fast
  2. Update such part designs into 3D models automatically
  3. Updates associated bills of materials improving the efficiency of manufacturing
  4. Increased speed in production
  5. Better quality of finished products
  6. Has several application-specific tools for a lot of mechanical operations such as sheet metal, welding and surfacing
  7. Allows you to test your parts against real-life-like situations and conditions
  8. Helps lower cost of production and prototyping
  9. Assists in creating sustainable projects

Benefits of online learning

  • A lot more flexible than traditional education, and therefore, you have the freedom to learn in your own time and at your own pace. You can fit the classes around your work and schedule, meaning that you can do more with less time.
  • Helps you learn a lot more work experience and other skills which help in career advancement.
  • You can choose courses that are tailor-made for you and your needs.
  • More number of options to choose from when compared to traditional education
  • You can learn from anywhere and even on the go, helping you utilize your time efficiently
  • Removes obstacles such as commute, geographical constraints and wastage of time
  • Reduces costs significantly
  • Receive certifications and accreditations which prove your skill and adeptness at handling a particular software

Top online courses to learn SolidWorks

Below is some best online course for mechanical engineers to learn SolidWorks:

1. Part Design with SolidWorks

Since 3D CAD Modeling is a skill that all mechanical engineers need to have, this course will help you significantly. The ultimate beginner’s course for lovers of CAD, this course will help you understand how to design and model using SolidWorks. Students will learn how to conceptualise, design, assemble and analyse intricate designs and components. This will serve as a great introduction to parametric design, constraint and force analysis and simulations.

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2. Sheet Metal and Surface Design

Sheet metal and surface modelling help with designing a majority of modern automobiles. Therefore, this SolidWorks course will work well for engineers who have an interest in automobile engineering. This SolidWorks course will help engineers to understand the basic operations work and how to design sheet metal and surface components. The course will introduce you to various sheet metal features such as ribs, heat sinks and gussets, understand how dies and punches work, and also various sheet metal operations.

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3. Mechanism Design Project

Mechanisms help with creating every kinematic project and are required to build everything from toys to vehicles. This SolidWorks course helps students understand the Mechanism design and get introduced to topics such as mechanical and creation constraints and also simulations. This course will serve as a great introduction to the use of SolidWorks and will help students develop the skills required to master it on their own.

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I hope you got some best online course to learn about SolidWorks. All these courses are developed based on real-time projects so it will be very easy for you to understand and develop projects.

Top online courses to learn SolidWorks
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Top online courses to learn SolidWorks

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