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Top Project Management online courses for engineers

Staying updated is one of the important practices for everyone and it is very important for project managers. If you are reading this article then you might be in a situation, struggling to gain credibility as a project manager from the clients and team even though having complete knowledge and experience of all industrial processes and tools. 

You might also be seen as someone who has gained and kept a professional certification and tends to earn a higher salary than those who rely on experience alone. 

To avoid getting into such kinds of situations you can consider getting a professional project management training. One with a good project management certification will always have an upper hand than a person with just experience.

There are many project management courses that are available online that you can enrol to get certified or prepare for the PMP® certification exam. 

This article suggests some of the best project management online courses for engineers and professionals that will help you to obtain a better foundation in project management and how to use resources more effectively. You will also learn topics like What is project management, Types of project management, effective project management tools, etc. 

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1. Project Management with Primavera

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What is project management?

To understand project management, one must define a project. A project is anything that has a beginning, ending and produces a product or deliverable. Project management is a method that involves planning, monitoring, controlling, and closing of the project. It plays an important role in the success of companies like engineering, construction and IT. 

The project manager is responsible for the execution of the project until a quality deliverable is obtained. The project manager takes ownership of developing the plan, coordinating with the project team and meeting the stakeholder’s expectations. Irrespective of the industry, project managers have the same responsibilities and objectives.

Here is a simple example to understand project management. In construction, the plan starts with an idea, improves to drawing then moves on to blueprint and finally the building is constructed. In this process, the project manager is the guy working behind the scenes putting things together and finishes the project within the expected time.

Types of project management

Based on the industrial requirements different types of project management are developed. It includes:

  1. Waterfall Project Management
  2. Agile Project Management
  3. Lean Project Management

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Effective Project Management Tools

Project management tools help and assist an individual or a team to work effectively and manage projects and accomplish the tasks within the given time by defining project objectives, assigning tasks and making schedules. Below are some of the effective project management tools:

  • Gantt Chart
  • PERT chart
  • Calendar
  • Timeline
  • WBS Chart
  • Mind Map
  • Status Table
  • HOQ
  • Airtable
  • Wrike
  • Backlog

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Why is project management important for engineers?

In the current situation, the problem faced by big firms is the lack of qualified engineering project managers. The reason for this problem is either most of the engineers are not interested in developing the required skills to move into project management roles or retirement of the engineers who developed strong project management skills. 

Project management courses help you to develop the required skills that you can put to use to ensure that a project is on the right track, schedule, and within the budget. Obviously you can gain those skills from OJT but you will get the exposure to particular things and you will miss out the critical pieces. 

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Top Project management online courses for engineers

We know that you are already occupied with your full-time job so here we have shortlisted some of the best project management certification courses that will make you a good project manager. 

1. Project management with MS project

MS project is one of the industry-standard tools that is widely used by industry professionals and also has a huge social presence. Even many companies hire project managers only if he/she is proficient in MS Project. MS project is designed to help project managers to track progress, manage budgets, analyze workloads, develop schedules and assign tasks. In this project management online course, you will learn resource management, critical path method, project budgeting techniques and earned value management. This project management certification course is the best choice if you want to develop exposure to project management fields like IT, construction and manufacturing. 

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2. Project management with Primavera

Primavera is another amazing project management tool that is used not only by project managers but also by engineers, simply planners, schedulers and other people who are involved in planning, project reporting and management. Primavera is widely used in construction and IT fields because of the following advantages include: mitigates tasks, easy to use and create forecasts, offers better communication with workers, breakdown complex projects to simple, etc. This project management online course helps you to learn this popular project management tool by working on real time projects.

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We at Skyfi Labs developed this project management certification course by considering the work schedule of the professionals so you can schedule the live classes as per your requirement. Also, these classes are conducted by industry experts which makes it more informative and gives a better learning experience. 

With good exposure and knowledge on project management will definitely help you to grow further in your career. Thus choose the right project management online course that matches your field of specialization to develop your skills. 

Thanks for reading!

Top Project Management online courses for engineers
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-05-04

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Top Project Management online courses for engineers

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