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Performing Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack using dSploit

Hacking someone’s Wi-Fi and sniffing their tasks is actually a cool thing to do but also it is illegal. Wireless networks are available to anyone within the routers broadcast area which makes it vulnerable for attacks. In this ethical hacking project, we are going to simulate a man-in-the-middle attack in a friendly network using dSploit android application. This project is for learning purpose only. Perform this simulation on your own Wi-Fi network 

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What is a wireless network?

It is a network which uses radio waves to connect different devices and computers together. Since the wireless network is easily accessible for everyone most of the times it is protected using a password. Following are the authentication systems used to protect the network:

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) - It encrypts the data transmitted over the network to prevent secret listening. It uses weak initial values which makes them vulnerable to attacks.

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) - It is a security protocol developed to remove the flaws found in WEP. It uses 48 bits initial values for encryption which makes it less vulnerable.

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dSploit - It is a penetration testing suite developed for the Android operating system. Using this android application you can perform network mapping, password cracking, vulnerability scanning, Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks and many more. 

To install this application you need a rooted android smartphone with ARM CPU and android version 2.3 or higher.

To root your android mobile there are many videos available on youtube which will guide you in the rooting process.

MITM attack - With MITM you can intercept and perform a various attack over the target network with the help of following tools:

  • Kill connections - This is one of my favourite where you can kill the target’s connection to a website or server.
  • Redirect - Using this you can redirect the target to another site/web page
  • Replace videos - This allows you to replace all the videos on a webpage with the designated one.
  • Script Injection - You can inject JAVA script in web pages by catching the target’s network not by hacking the webpage.
  • Simple sniff - It redirects the victim’s traffic through your device to fetch some stats about the target’s traffic.
  • Password sniffer - It allows you to hijack password from the target’s network. But the drawback is it will not sniff passwords from HTTPS websites.
  • Session hijacker - With this you can capture session cookies of the victim.
  • Replace image - This is similar to Replace video but here it replaces the image.
  • Custom filter - This allows you to replace texts in a web page.

Install the dSploit android app in your mobile and give the root access. Now open the dSploit android application. Connect to a Wi-Fi network then select a target device on which you want to perform the attacks. You can able to see various modules available on the dSploit application. But for now, we are going to perform the MITM attack. Click on MITM.

Now you can able to see the above-mentioned tools. When you click on Redirect, one dialogue box will appear which will ask you to paste the address. Paste the IP address of the site which you want to redirect, then click OK. Similarly, perform all the attacks on the target device.

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Performing Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack using dSploit
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