Build Machine Learning projects this winter vacation

Learn directly from the experts. Get 6 days of hands-on experience.

Why join winter training program in Machine Learning?

Machine learning gives the computer the ability to learn from past data and make predictions about the future. It is the hottest area right now with great career prospects.

And what better way to get skilled in Machine Learning than by building projects.
In this winter training program, you will learn concepts behind Machine Learning & build 3 different projects hands-on.

winter training program in Machine Learning
About Winter Training Programs in Machine Learning:
Why should I join Machine Learning winter training program?

Winter Training Program on Machine Learning from Skyfi Labs is the best way for you to develop practical skills on Machine Learning in the Winter vacation. The program involves you to learn the theory behind Machine Learning technology and develop projects using ndustry standard software. This experience helps you improve the most important skills missing in your regular college curriculum and gives a great experience of a Winter Internship. The certification provided in the Machine Learning winter training program help you to showcase skills in your resume to prospective recruiters.

What is the duration of this winter training program?

This winter training program is for a duration of 6 days. The classes would be held for 5-6 hours per day.

In which cities can I attend the Machine Learning winter training program?

Machine Learning Winter Training Programs is being offered at 8 Cities across India including - Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida and Vijayawada. The schedule is designed to match with the winter vacations in the respective areas so that you can utilize this opportunity and develop skills that will help you in your future careers.

What are the timings?

The program will start at 8am. We will let you know of any changes by call/ email and SMS, 24 hours before the program(if any changes).

What are the other winter training programs offered?

About Skyfi Labs winter training programs in Machine Learning?

Skyfi Labs Machine Learning Winter Training Program is a 6 day program where an experienced trainer will start from the basics and cover advanced topics in a structured manner. Although a lot of importance is given to practical experience, we also cover the theory to help you brush up/ learn the concepts before applying them practically.

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