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10 Easy Cloud Computing projects for beginners

The ever-evolving nature of technology makes it vital for everyone to upgrade themselves to stay up-to-date. Changing times call for different technologies, and one of the most recent ones is cloud computing. With every business and company dealing with large amounts of data, everyone is looking for extra storage space. Cloud computing projects are helping companies find a place for all their data in a structured and organised manner. Furthermore, such servers and software help with automation, making mundane tasks more efficient. Hence, budding developers are finding it necessary to hone their cloud computing skills to secure good jobs. The best way to get ahead is by practising, and what better way to do that than by working on cloud computing projects for beginners. To help you get started, here is a list of great cloud computing project topics!

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a technology that gives organisations access to shared pools of data, services and resources. All such services may be allocated with minimal effort over the internet, making in-house storage an unnecessary waste. Cloud computing projects help companies rely on shared data and resources, helping them grow and scale at faster rates. By outsourcing such needs, companies can focus on more important work, rather than get caught up looking for resources. Cloud computing helps companies focus on the larger picture. So they avoid expending time, effort and money on infrastructure and IT maintenance. 

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Why Cloud Computing?

  1. Helps businesses focus on their core competencies
  2. Reduce and minimise up-front IT architecture, maintenance and infrastructure costs
  3. reduces setup time and effort
  4. Get software and technology up-and-running faster than ever before
  5. Improve manageability and structure
  6. Less maintenance cost and effort
  7. Allows for the rapid deployment and management of resources
  8. Lowers operating expenses
  9. Allows for rapid scaling and growth

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Things to consider while developing cloud computing projects

  • Cost – As cloud computing projects usually have to access, manage and process data from many sources, the cost of engagement may be high. However, most businesses turn to cloud servers to cut their costs. Therefore, developers need to ensure that companies achieve positive cost-benefit. 
  • Mobility- Through cloud computing projects, businesses are distancing themselves from dependencies. Therefore, developers must build mobile applications that allow companies to exercise their independence. These apps should be able to move between public and private clouds to access and process data.
  • Future Applicability- Developers should ensure that their design is future-proof. Whatever infrastructure they build must be compatible and flexible. This allows it to adapt to the ever-changing technological needs.
  • Increased bandwidth- Developers should make use of increased bandwidth effective. This helps facilitate virtual and augmented reality applications. Cloud computing project topics that make use of such solutions will be in demand in the future. 
  • Security - Developers must ensure that they build a safe and secure platform to host data. Data protection is of the utmost importance in the tech field. They must remove any possible scope for infiltration and data leaks to ensure a secure platform for cloud computing. 

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10 Best Beginner Cloud Computing projects 

Building projects will always help you to understand more about the technology rather than just reading it from a book. Below are some cloud computing projects for beginners that you can build and learn more about the technology:

1. Campus Automation Using Cloud Computing

This cloud computing project for beginners will help build a university portal. The portal aids with registration, placement and grade uploading. The software will have separate logins for faculties, companies and students. It acts as a bridge between the three helping pass vital information and communication. 

2. Detection of Data Leaks Using SQL Injection Prevention 

SQL injection is a common problem that leads to data leakage within databases. Through this cloud computing project, students will build a system to prevent such injection. Hence, data can be kept safe and secure, from such attacks. Students will encrypt their data using the Advanced Encryption Standard technique. The project is ideal for anyone planning to work on e-commerce portals.

3. Cloud-Based Student Information Chatbot 

This artificial algorithm helps analyse and respond to student queries using the power of cloud computing. In this cloud computing project, students will build a system harnessing the power of AI to reply to students regarding their queries. Students will get an opportunity to work with two promising technologies in this project.

4. Cloud-Based Bus Ticket System

Since convenience is key in today’s world, this application will help students book tickets on buses through a cloud server. Passengers no longer have to worry about a stolen or misplaced ticket, as it is reserved over the cloud. In this cloud computing project for beginners, students will build a secure platform to issue bus passes. Passengers can also check details regarding heir bus, check for discounts and verify their identity. 

5. Android Offloading Over Cloud

In this cloud computing project, students will build a framework to ease automated offloading. This helps intensive applications transfer their workload over to virtual processors via cloud. This helps in shifting processing-heavy applications from the smartphone to cloud servers.

6. Cloud-Based Attendance System

This attendance system will help schools, colleges and offices with record keeping. Users have the option to log in to mark attendance, and the database also stores important information. The database works via an Azure cloud which bridges the application and the cloud server via the internet. 

7. Personal Cloud with Raspberry Pi

In this cloud computing project for beginners, students will learn to build their personal cloud server using Raspberry Pi and a Micro SD card. A hard drive will act as the main cloud storage, and the project will help students understand how cloud servers work. This is also a great opportunity for electrical engineers to gain an understanding of computing principles.

8. Remote Monitoring using IoT

In this project, students will make use of Arduino Uno to collect data from the sensors of various devices and then process it over a cloud. It then analyses the data over a cloud server and helps with detecting intruders and maintaining surveillance over large areas. Students will learn about both IoT and cloud computing through this practical project. 

9. Text Classification for Business Analytics

Companies and businesses have access to so much data now that they can process to gain valuable information. In this cloud computing project, students will use Big Data. They will go over Twitter information and gain insights to make well-informed business decisions. Students will make use of a Binary Tree classifier and a k-means clustering technique to study and analyse data.

10. Encrypted Cloud Storage 

In this cloud computing project, students will develop an adaptive data storage model. Such a model works well for heterogeneous cloud environments. It makes use of the Redundant Residue Number System to store and process data in a secure fashion.

Other Projects include:

  1. Encrypted Health Records in Clouds
  2. Bug Tracking System 
  3. Text Transfer Via Diffie Hellman Key Exchange 
  4. Campus Automation Using Cloud Computing 
  5. Phishing website classification Through URL Features 
  6. Customized AES 
  7. Cloud-Based File Handling and Duplication Removal 
  8. File Cloud-Storage Through Hybrid Cryptography 
  9. Online Bookstore System
  10. Cloud-Based Blood Bank System 

Top Cloud computing online tutorial for beginners 

If you are a beginner and want to develop a knowledge base on cloud computing but don’t know how to start, Worry not! Here are some best cloud computing online courses for beginners that helps you to learn this technology by building projects practically. 

1. DevOps on AWS 

This is a great cloud computing course that will help you practice your software development and IT operation skills. In this cloud computing course, you will get an opportunity to learn about how DevOps helps in Cloud-Computing. You will build, host and run several APIs, and will work on DevOps and AWS Platform. Some of the fundamental skills that you will gain from this course include AWS, Codepipeline, Cloudwatch, ELB and VPC.

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2. Static Website on AWS

This cloud computing course for beginners will serve as a perfect introduction to Cloud-Computing in a practical way. Static web pages help in delivering images, videos and JavaScript to visitors. In this course, you will use AWS for Cloud Computing and Host a Static Website on AWS. Other things you will learn include connecting to Amazon S3, encryption and workings of DNS servers. The skills you will pick up include, CDN, CD Integration, Cloudfront AWS Architecture and components.

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3. Dynamic Website on AWS

A Dynamic Website helps businesses interact with their customers in an effective manner. In this cloud computing beginners course, you will learn to host a dynamic website on AWS. This course serves as an introduction to Cloud computing and Dynamic Website development on AWS. You will gain Useful skills that include EC2 servers VPC and security, AWS, Relational Database Services, etc.

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4. Serverless on AWS

Hosting a website without a server helps companies to run apps without managing their architecture. AWS handles server management and architecture, helping companies to scale their operations. In this cloud computing course, you will learn how to develop a serverless website with the help of AWS Lambda functions. You will also learn about AWS Architecture, Lambda, DynamoDB and Cognito.

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Cloud computing is emerging to become the future of IT infrastructure management. With more and more businesses running out of space, a career in cloud computing is looking promising. Like with all coding disciplines, spend time working on cloud computing projects for beginners to build your skill. 

10 Easy Cloud Computing projects for beginners
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-07

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