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5 Best Cloud Computing online tutorials for beginners


“Cloud ” we all heard this word as a data storage like Google cloud. But do you know about cloud computing and its importance for most of the organization? Cloud computing not only gives the data storage facility but also the infrastructure and platform for developers. Developers can focus on development and testing and no need to worry about maintenance. Thus cloud computing is one of the leading technology in today’s world.

If you are seeking to learn more about Cloud Computing and its advantages, you have arrived at the right place. You will definitely learn about Cloud Computing, its advantages with this best cloud computing online tutorials. It will also help with your projects during your academics. So put your seat belts on and enjoy the very exciting journey of Cloud computing with 5 Best Cloud computing online tutorial for beginnerswith Skyfi Labs

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1. Cloud Computing (Career Building Course)

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What is Cloud Computing?

In simple words, Cloud Computing is the process of manipulating, configuring and accessing data and hardware from remote servers. Nowadays due to the increase in data, data storage becomes the priority of most of the personal users and organization. The maintenance cost of this data is higher so most of the small companies can’t afford that high cost. For those cloud computing is the better solution. The high data efficiency and fewer maintenance results in focusing on development and testing.

Types of Clouds:

  1. Public Cloud- Public cloud gives business to customer type of interaction. The information on the public cloud is open for all so it is less secure. Public cloud is specially used by the educational and government organization
  2. Private Cloud- Private cloud is used in a particular organization. The information on the private cloud is accessible within the organization. Due to its private nature, it is more secure than public cloud.
  3. Community Cloud- Community cloud is used for the group of organizations who want to share the data.
  4. Hybrid Cloud- Hybrid cloud is a mixture of public and private cloud. It has advantages of both clouds. It allows both B2B and B2C interaction.

Cloud Computing for beginner online course

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Benefits of Cloud Computing:

  1. Lowers the cost- Due to the high maintenance and more hardware equipment, the cost and expenses of a particular organization become higher and higher. But small organizations can’t afford such expenses. Cloud computing gives the platform for developers which cuts all maintenance and hardware cost.
  2. Security- Cloud computing gives one of the important benefits of data security. The hosts monitor the security so that no one can access our private data.
  3. Flexibility- If an organization requires more bandwidth to process the data the cloud computing fulfils the demand of that company. So it becomes more flexible and convenient.
  4. Mobility- Cloud computing gives easy access to the data from anywhere and anytime and any kind of computer device. So the user doesn’t need to belong hard drives or hard disks with them.
  5. Reliability- Cloud has many servers with virtual partitions. So if one of the servers goes offline for maintenance purpose it will have no effect on the availability of the data as the virtual server is still in work to provide access.

Some other benefits of cloud computing:

  • Backup and recovery
  • Increases storage capacity
  • Improves performance
  • Instant software update

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Types of cloud services:

There are three main cloud services

  1. Infrastructure As a service- Infrastructure as a service is also called as hardware as a service. It provides the infrastructure to the user such as servers, networking essentials and databases. It also provides security and operating system for application development and tools. IaaS is cost-effective for web hosting. Also, it gives more security than your existing software. There is no need to maintain data centres by users because it is handled by the IaaS.
  2. Platform as a Service- Platform as a service gives the environment for the development of applications and software. It is a service that can be accessed simply by your any web browser. There is no need to install any application and set up for the development due to the PaaS. This service is also cost-effective as there are no hardware and software expenses. It also reduces the complexity which helps for more efficient software development. PaaS provides a simple and convenient platform for users. Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google app engine and AWS provide better platforms for developers.
  3. Software as a service- Software as a service eliminates the need for installation of software on your computer or in data centres. It causes more efficient and fast data processing. It removes the expenses of hardware and software too. If you need more facilities then you can pay as you go type of economy. SaaS comes with web-based software or hosted software. The best advantage of SaaS is accessibility. Various companies like Microsoft office and cloud Tran gives better software for users.

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5 Best Cloud computing online tutorial for beginners

Below are some Cloud Computing online courses that give you better knowledge about various applications of cloud computing by building various projects:

1. DevOps on AWS

DevOps integrates software development and IT operation for the delivery of higher quality products. This cloud computing online course gives you a better knowledge of DevOps and cloud computing development for your UG or PG project. In this course, you will work on DevOps and AWS platform for the development of simple web application which is very useful for practical knowledge. You will also learn to build host and run API without server management. This course provides you with better tools for development and gives you the experience to work on AWS infrastructure and its architecture. 

DevOps on AWS online tutorials

2. Host Static Website on AWS

After completion of this cloud computing course, you will able to develop and host static websites on AWS. You will connect with Amazon S3 also. Along with this, you will definitely learn how to create a content delivery network for websites.

With enrolling to this online course you will learn about:

  • AWS Architecture and components
  • How to host a static website using S3
  • CDN and Cloud front
  • Integration with CD Process

Host Static Website on AWS online tutorial

3. Host Dynamic Website on AWS

A Dynamic Website is highly used for businesses and by organizations to interact with their customers more effectively. From this online course, you will learn the concepts of Cloud Computing, deploying a Dynamic Website, associating your domain name, creating the database server. With the knowledge gained by this course, you will able to develop your own Dynamic Website on Amazon Web Service. Along with this you will develop and deploy a website that uses PHP and MySQL. 

With enrolling to this course you will learn about:

  • AWS Architecture
  • Cloud Computing
  • Working with EC2 servers
  • Relational Database Services by AWS (RDS)
  • VPC and security
  • Autoscaling
  • Working with Cloudfront

Host Dynamic Website on AWS

4. Serverless on AWS

Serverless is a way to build and run applications, without managing the architecture. The server management is done by Amazon Web Service which gives you time to only focus on development, not on management. AWS is widely used for hosting websites. In this cloud computing online tutorial, you will learn to build and run API by using AWS function.

Serverless on AWS online course

5. Cloud Computing (Career Building Course)

In this cloud computing course, you will experience and understand various Amazon Web Services tools. Along with this, you will learn about Server-less API hosting also you can build various projects on static and dynamic web hosting. At the end of this course, you will also able to work on DevOps with AWS. Also in this course, you will learn about cloud computing and its concepts. 

Cloud Computing (Career Building Course) online course

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5 Best Cloud Computing online tutorials for beginners
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