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10 Simple Proteus Circuit Design Project Ideas(with Examples)

From simple calculators to mobile phones and laptops, everything is made possible because of the electronics circuit. Knowing to design a circuit is the basic skill of an electrical and electronics engineer. If you are a beginner and want to learn how to design a circuit, then you are in the right place. Developing a project on electronics circuit and circuit design will help you to master the concepts in circuit design and also gives you hands-on experience on various circuit design software tools.

This article helps you by giving some simple circuit design projects that you can design and practice using Proteus simulation software. The projects that are discussed in the article can also be developed as a mini project or final year projects for your academics. 

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1. PCB Manufacturing

What is Proteus PCB design software?

Proteus PCB design is a circuit design tool widely used in various fields, for instance, it is used in industries for rapid prototyping and designing PCB virtually before starting the manufacturing process. Proteus is also used in High schools and universities by students to design various electronics circuits and teachers use it to teach circuit design for students practically. 

Proteus is famous among engineers and hobbyists with which they design and verify their circuit virtually without developing the hardware. This saves a lot of time and costs in designing a circuit. 

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10+ Simple Proteus Circuit design examples and projects for beginners

As previously discussed, working with electronic circuits projects and designing electronics circuits using software tools will expand your knowledge further. This part of the article gives you the best electronics circuit projects that you can design and learn as a beginner.

1. PCB prototype for a Clap circuit

This is a beginner level electronics circuit project, where you will design a circuit using Proteus software to make the LED blink when a sound is produced. You will use a 16-pin CMOS decade counter, potentiometer, microphone, operational amplifier, copper clad board, etc to build the project. As this circuit design project involves both the software and hardware it will help you to learn the circuit design concepts briefly. 

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2. Automatic water level controller circuit using 8051

Keeping a separate worker or servant to check the water level and turn on the motor and turn off again after the tank is filled is not an efficient method. This process also leads to wastage of water. In this circuit design project, you will provide a solution to this problem by designing an automatic water level controller circuit. The water level in the tank is detected with the help of wires placed inside the tank which works on the principle “water conducts electricity”. Based on the output given by these wires the water level is displayed on the LCD. Also, the motor is controlled. 

The electronic circuit for this project is designed and simulated using Proteus software to avoid short circuit and error. This circuit can be implemented in large buildings and industries to control the water level where manual control is difficult.

3. Home appliances control using DTMF

In this circuit design project, we will develop a home automation system where you can control home appliances remotely using a mobile phone. The electronic circuit for the project is designed using Proteus software. Components like DTMF encoder, capacitors, resistors, relay, etc. are used to develop the project. The DTMF module connects your mobile to the circuit using AUX cable. You can control the home appliances by calling to the mobile connected to the circuit.

4. Luggage security alarm circuit

This electronic circuit project will reduce the worry of carrying luggage while travelling. As anyone tries to steal your property this circuit will activate and start the alarm. IC (CD4011), resistor, capacitor, relay, transistor, etc. are used to develop this project. This project is designed based on a NAND gate.

5. FM Radio Jammer circuit

Jammers are used in government offices, Military, confidential meetings, etc. to prevent the leakage of information. Jammers have a high-frequency signal which confuses the receiver signal and prevents the signal from reaching the receiver device. The schematic for the circuit is designed using Proteus software and then proceeded further.

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6. Complex calculator

This electronic circuit project integrates Arduino Uno, ILI9341 TFT display and a numerical key input to create a complex calculator. The circuit design is made with the help of Proteus software and it is simulated before creating it in real-time.

7. Robotic Arm Control using PIC microcontroller

From the manufacturing industry to space, robots play a major role to ease the tasks. Robotic arms are used to perform repetitive tasks. In this circuit design project, you will learn to create a robotic arm using industry-standard PIC 8-bit microcontroller. Servo motors are used as actuators and potentiometers are used to control the robot. 

8. Touch ON and OFF switch circuit

With the Touch ON and OFF circuit, you can turn on and off the LED just by touching. This circuit design project is built using 555 timer IC, Relay module, resistor, transistor, etc. This touch plate switch avoids electrical shock which will occur while using the normal switches. The touch plates are made using a copper-clad board with a groove in the middle. Thus when the finger is placed over the plate the resistance drops and the circuit is activated. 

9. Battery charger circuit

Batteries are charged with a small amount of AC or DC current. If you want to charge the battery with AC voltage, first you need to reduce the voltage using a step-down transformer and the voltage is given to the SCR for rectification then the rectified voltage is used to charge the batteries. The circuit for the battery is designed and simulated and implemented in real time. 

10. Home security system

With the advancement in technology, security breaches are also increasing day by day. To overcome this issue, in this electronic circuit project we will design a home security system circuit connecting telephone line, alarm, etc. to alert and notify you and the police. The flowchart for the project is created and the circuit is drawn on the proteus software and simulated then implemented in real time.

Also, check out the following list for more electronics circuit design projects:

  • Gamer circuit for steady hand
  • LED flasher circuit
  • Invisible burglar alarm
  • PWM inverter circuit
  • Gated alarm
  • Fridge alarm circuit
  • Fire alarm using thermistor
  • Digital pressure gauge
  • SMS controlled robot
  • Hand gesture controlled robot using Arduino
  • Automated solar tracking system
  • Password-based circuit breaker
  • Bipolar LED Driver circuit
  • Metal detector circuit
  • Panic alarm
  • Rain alarm circuit
  • Mosquito repellent circuit
  • Automatic street lighting system
  • Electronic letterbox
  • Morse code generator circuit

I hope you got some good electronic circuit project ideas from this article. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section. 

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10 Simple Proteus Circuit Design Project Ideas(with Examples)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-07

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