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Top Online Circuit Design Courses for Beginners

Circuit designing is a crucial part of electronics engineering. From small integrated circuits to a large network of connections, circuit design has an important role. Circuit designing is a very basic part of electronics. Ranging from various analogue and digital circuits, circuit designing can be practised in multiple ways. It is precise to say that circuit designing is the major pillar of every model in engineering related to electronics. So, it is necessary to learn about circuits and their designs and apply the knowledge in further complex models.

This article suggests some of the best online circuit design courses that help you to learn the concepts used in industries to design a circuit. 

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1. PCB Manufacturing

Circuit design software for beginners

Designing circuits manually is a common way. But many times the circuits are very complex and thus create chaos when we design them manually. So there is a variety of software available to design circuits. They are easier and much convenient to use. Thus they offer maximum efficiency too. Some of these are Autotrax, ExpressPCB, EasyEDA, gEDA, and OrCAD. All these software are beginner-friendly and easy to learn. Circuit designs in such software are much neater, simpler, and easy to understand when compared to the manual circuit designs.

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Circuit Design tips for beginners

Getting the perfect design for a circuit is a crucial job. This needs a lot of experience and apt knowledge of the components. The connections should be done in the most simplified manner and should be complete at the same time. Here are some tips for you if you are a beginner in circuit designing:

1. Always make use of a block diagram to make the work simpler:

A block diagram is the rough diagram of a circuit. It is the manual representation of a circuit in the way you want it. Block diagrams give the basic idea. By keeping the block diagram as a reference, it is easier to design the final circuit.

2. Divide the circuit into smaller sets, if possible:

At times, the circuits are really big and complex. Solving complicated circuits become difficult. But they can be tackled very easily. By dividing a big circuit into smaller sets, it is easier to simplify circuit designing. 

3. Be as clear as you can when you are making the final circuit diagram:

Avoid making small diagrams. They only create a mess as we reach the end. Making clear and bigger circuit diagrams helps us to understand it better. Thus the execution is also convenient and we obtain better results. 

4. Make sure you label each component:

Many times we make wrong component symbols. Or while making the actual design, we are mistaken in understanding the components. Labelling all the components prevents such a scenario. Thus the implementation becomes easier and effective.

5. Make use of connectors:

Connectors make the connections simpler. When connectors are identified properly, we are also able to characterize the circuit more clearly. Make sure that the connectors are nicely visible. Bright colour pins work as the best connectors.

These are just a few tips that are very beneficial for beginners in circuit designing. As you proceed through the field, you will figure out your ways to make the circuit design look efficient and better.

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Top online circuit design courses for beginners

The circuit designing is a skill that every Electronics Engineer should possess. Learning from the right sources is also important. There are different techniques that every circuit designer follows according to his convenience. Thus the search for the best electronic circuit design course becomes difficult. Below are some of the best circuit design online courses designed especially for beginners:

1. PCB Manufacturing: Printed Circuit Boards(PCB) are the basis of an electronic circuit. This is the right PCB design online course for all the beginners. The concepts of circuit designing will be taught from scratch. Students will learn about basic circuit design software, fabricate the PCB according to the design input, and testing the PCB after loading components. Till the end of the course, students will be able to light an LED bulb on the sound of a clap. This online course provides one to one interaction and a chance to showcase your skills by earning a smart certificate.

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2. Circuit Design with Proteus: This circuit design online course teaches the basics of circuit design and simulation. Proteus is an extensively used tool for circuit designing. You will learn to build circuits based on op-amps, transistors, PWM, timers, etc with their fundamental working concepts. With real-time interaction with experts, this course is really suitable for all beginners.

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3. PCB Design and Simulation with KiCAD: KiCAD is a widely used software for circuit design. This circuit design online course provides a basic knowledge of PCB and KiCAD. Followed by this, you will learn to design a Motor Drive Circuit, Clap counter circuit, and a Mobile charger. With multiple practical applications, this is an interesting and beginner-friendly course. This is the ideal electronic circuit design course for everyone who wishes to master the skill of circuit designing.

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The demand for circuit design engineers is increasing every day. This is the perfect time to learn the skill of circuit designing and grab great opportunities.

Top Online Circuit Design Courses for Beginners
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-05-04

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