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10 Tips to develop a successful career in Game Development

Video games, computer games and mobile games become more popular among today’s youth. Games are functional as well as educational so it gives a better way to learn new concepts and innovate them in real sense. Most of the youngsters want to build their career in gaming. Game Development gives the best opportunity for these game enthusiast personalities.

If you want to build your career in game development then you are in the right place. This article helps you to become a professional game developer by giving some tips. Skyfi Labs always helps you to learn more and more technologies with best online courses and guided projects. The article focuses on the following:

  • Game Development introduction
  • Skills required for game development
  • Scope for game development
  • Tips for a successful career in game development

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What is game development?

Game Development can be defined as it is the skill of developing an imaginary world with perfect design and a good story. Game developers have to Design, create and test the games. Developing a game is not that easy as playing a game. A good game must have a better story, characters, imagination etc. Premium video and audio quality give an awesome experience while playing the game.

There are many roles in the game development field as follows:

  • Game Producer
  • Story Writer
  • Programmer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Audio Specialist

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Skills required to develop a career in game development

Following are the skills required to become a game developer:

  1. Programming Skills- Graphics plays an important role in games. Game Developers must be aware of the animation skills with better audio quality. The programming languages like C++, Java, HTML 5 and JavaScript are the famous languages for game development. So be aware of these languages. Along with programming languages, the developer must have good knowledge of Data structures and algorithms too.
  2. Storytelling Ability- Story is for the publicity of the game. Better storylining attracts more and more gamers and makes the game more popular. The game must be interactive for the player. It must be narrative with better music and design. The writer must add the humour, suspense and clashes in the story.
  3. Time Management skills- Time for development and for playing must be prioritized. As a game developer, you must have to follow deadlines. Updates and maintenance should be given on a time to time basis. Quick brakes must be there in the game. 
  4. Creativity- Imagination is an important word for game development. Creative thinking and knowledge about the culture make the game more attractive. Gamers are influenced by the challenges in the game. Challenges can be puzzles also. 

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Career opportunities in game development

There are about 2.4 Billion gamers in the world. So game development is one of the better fields to enrich your career. Let’s have a look at the career options in the gaming industry.

  1. Game Designer- Game Designers build the overall architecture of the game. They are the creator of all functions in a game. They put functions like settings, levels, characters, strategies in the game. They start designing the game based on the trend so that people will enjoy the game. Bachelor of game designing or Bachelor of Technology degrees is sufficient to start your career as a game designer. 
  2. Narrative Designer- Story in an indivisible part of the game, Narrative designer gives answers about What, Why, How type of questions. E.g. Why are we playing the game? How can we defeat the villain? What does the hero gain after defeating the enemy? etc. Narrating is like the decoration over the cake. Any literature type of degree along with certifications required to become a professional Narrative Designer.
  3. Visual Artist- Visual artists give a detailed physical structure to the ‘Avatars’ in the game. They come up with details like shadow, fire, glossy roads when it's raining, skin textures etc. There are more jobs for 2D and 3D visual artists.
  4. Game Programmer- Game programmer writes actual codes of the game. They are the one who runs the game concept on the screen. They overcome almost all bugs raised while testing the game. Many game programmers are required while creating a game.
  5. Sound Designer- Sound designers give a realistic experience by adding detailed sounds in a game. Gunshot, car acceleration, surround sounds and many other sound effects are given by sound designers.

So these are top career options in the gaming industry.

Tips to develop a successful career in game development:

  1. Get a Bachelor’s Degree- You need a Computer Science background to become a successful game developer. This degree will fix your base in programming languages. These languages will help to fulfil your dream. Along with this, you have to complete courses related to game development. 
  2. Develop math skills- High-level computing is necessary to become a game programmer. So that the person must know mathematical equations with data structures and algorithms. If you are weak in these skills, you have to develop it during your college degree.
  3. Planning- Planning is one of the most important tips in game development. You have to clarify your goals. If you want to join the designing team then look for that only. If you want to enter in the graphics team then search for it. It will help you to build a path for your career.
  4. Build a portfolio- To secure your career in the game development field, you have to build an at-least game to add it in your portfolio. It will highlight your skills and help you to become a good game developer.
  5. Game engines- Use Game engines to get hands-on experience. Practice and learn all the functions of the engine. After entering the company you can choose one of the gaming engines as per company’s requirement.
  6. Follow other game developers- At the starting level, you have to make a team of game developers. Learn new things from others. Don’t bother yourself. Start exploring more and more ideas. It will definitely help to become a successful game developer.
  7. Never stop learning- New games have been released almost every single day. New updates, new graphics and new concepts make it an everlasting field. If you stop learning then it's the end of your career. So keep learning and maintain the flow.
  8. Play similar games and review them- Play a similar game that you are interested in and suggest some improvements in them. Free-fire is a good game but PUBG develops realistic and accurate graphics in the game. So make improvements in present technology or explore more.
  9. Find Entry level position- Most of the popular and major game development studios need experienced persons. So freshers have to secure their first job in a small scale company. If you got the chance to join even a small studio then go for it.
  10. Follow the news- As in any company, the focus of game development depends on current trends and situations. A particular type of game may be popular in the market in a current situation, But don’t worry if you have very innovative ideas in mind. It will help you to become a successful game developer.

So these are top 10 tips to become a successful game developer.

Best online courses to develop a career in game development

Below are some game development courses for beginners through which you can learn all the game development concepts from basics. 

1. Game development using Augmented reality: In this game development course, you will learn the game development concepts from basics. You will learn game development tools like Unity and Vuforia. After learning the basics you will develop an AR game and also publish it on the Playstore. 

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2. Python for game development: In this game development online course, you will use python to develop different games. You will learn to develop a game with animation, lives, levels, etc. 

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3. Game development with unity: As part of this game development online course, you will develop 2D and 3D games using Unity. You will use C# language to write game development codes to control players, enemies and various other sprites. 

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These are some game development online courses that you can pursue to develop a successful career in game development. 

10 Tips to develop a successful career in Game Development
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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