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5 Reasons why Mechanical Engineering Students should join Summer Training Programs

From small scale micro-sensors, printing nozzles to space-craft & machine tools – a large number of things around us operate using the mechanical engineering technology.

Mechanical Engineering is a field where your work includes designing, manufacturing, product development, maintenance etc. As you can see, practical experience is of great importance in such activities and your ability to work hands-on and complete the project that you picked up is equally important to your ability to solve mathematical problems.

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So being a mechanical engineer you should always look for opportunities to upgrade your hands-on skills and increase your job prospects. Summer training programs are one such opportunity where you can utilize your summer vacation effectively to learn and acquire practical skills that are much needed when you go for a core job.

Here we have compiled 5 reasons why Mechanical Engineers should join a summer training program:

1) Increase your Practical Knowledge:

Reading a chapter of engineering will help you understand theory but doing experiments on them will surely help to improve your practical skills. It is like, unless you apply the theoretical knowledge onto real life situations through developing practical projects, the learning you got through the text-books is incomplete. Acquiring the practical knowledge on the concepts learnt will help you achieve better understanding and smoothen your learning curve.

Summer training programs help you to develop projects on the theoretical concepts learnt, thereby transforming you into a more practical engineer.

2) Get Industrial Exposure:

The industries of now are looking for innovative engineers who can transform their products using latest technologies. But to become such an innovative engineer, you need to understand the technology from core and understand how industries operation and what are the standard procedures being followed there. Getting exposed to such industrial projects makes you aware about the latest technologies and advancements and helps you to build a lucrative career in them.

Summer training on Innovative Technologies

Want to develop practical skills on innovative technologies? Checkout our Summer training programs and start learning

Summer training program gives you hands-on experience on projects addressing the industrial problem statements and helps you to increase your industrial knowledge, thereby making you an industry ready candidate.

3) Develop Interdisciplinary Knowledge:

Well-developed summer training programs help you to increase your interdisciplinary knowledge. This type of training programs make you to apply the knowledge gained in one discipline to another discipline as a way to deepen your learning experience. The entire world today is based on products that involve engineers from multiple disciples coming together to build them. For instance, Mechatronics is the new trend that combines two core engineering for the manufacturing of industrial robots which will have multiple degrees of freedom to assist in the tasks. It is not possible to get exposed to such kind of trending technologies through text-books or web worming; developing projects on them will only help.

4) Discover yourself - Know your area of interest:

You might study lots of subjects in your engineering curriculum, but you never know which domain interests you more unless you work on them. Knowing your area of interest will help you to develop necessary skills in them and become a passionate engineer. Getting into a full time job after graduation and then experimenting about your area of interest is not a very good option, since you will lose lots of time and energy in that. It is even dangerous to enrol into higher education in an area without knowing whether you enjoy working in that field.

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Summer training program exposes you to a particular technology and makes you aware about the varied industrial application of it. Through this, you can experiment at low cost and check whether the particular technology fits into your area of interest or not before you invest your entire career into it.

5) Develop your Interpersonal Skills:

Companies prefer individuals with good interpersonal skills. You should be able to communicate with clarity to other engineers on the field/ in your team. From effective communication to becoming a good team player, all these inter-personal skills are more important to excel in your career and should be acquired over a period of time. Such skills are impossible to learn through books and can be gained only through practical experience.

Summer training program provides you a stage where you can learn and showcase your skills. These skills are not necessarily your technical skills, but you can also improve your interpersonal traits during this program. These training programs make you to build a project as team so as to improve your leadership as well as team working skills, and there is also an opportunity to improve your communication & public speaking skills through presenting your project.

Skyfi Labs Summer Training Programs for Mechanical Engineering Students

Skyfi Labs Summer Training Programs:

Skyfi Labs Summer training program provides you a platform to develop your core skills by building projects, not just by theoretical explanations. The summer training programs offered for Mechanical engineering students are: I.C Engine & Automobile Prototyping, RC Aircraft and Quadrotor & Animatronics and Robotic Arm. Spending your summer to develop skills in these areas will surely put you a step ahead in your path of becoming a good mechanical engineer. All the Best!

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5 Reasons why Mechanical Engineering Students should join Summer Training Programs
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-04-02

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