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How Summer Training Courses help Civil Engineering Students?

From Fabulous Monuments to Skyscrapers, from Geographic Maps to GIS— everything around us has in some way have been influenced by civil engineering. Imagination is boundless, surrounds us and resides in us all. It’s all about how an individual advances each day and become better than yesterday.

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Employment in civil engineering projects can really give one the opportunities to achieve what they want in life, offering both fantastic opportunities and progression. It is vital to consider which pathway one takes to train and becomes a better engineer. This will ultimately push one to their limits and credits them.

What do companies expect from an Engineer?

Companies no longer just look for academic excellence, aptitude, and group discussion. Yes, they are the key skills needed for an interview but more and more companies are looking at how well students are prepared to work in an industry. Also, companies have started to look for more and more employability skills along with traditional skillsets like logical and communication. Students need to get trained to develop the necessary skill-sets to handle interviews in the best manner possible.

From Education ready to Industry ready

Industry related technical workshops are such which will increase one's skillset to ensure better strike rate in placements. Such training programs should be focused on subjects that are related to industry experience and real-life problems.

One should attend training programs that are focused on real world problem and what the industry currently requires so that it will help in increasing the skill set of an individual.

How does Summer Training Program help carving future?

With the hot summer coming with bang holidays, it is an opportunity for civil engineering students to gain hands-on experience on acquiring practical skills with Skyfi Labs training programs. Summer training programs are a great way of utilizing these holidays and to get hands-on learning experience in engineering projects.

Summer training on Innovative Technologies

Want to develop practical skills on innovative technologies? Checkout our Summer training programs and start learning

Summer training programs allow students to accumulate latest skills in Civil Engineering field in an interesting manner, unlike regular classroom training programs. These programs are designed in such a way that students learn by building interesting projects like Designing Skyscrapers, Seismic resistant buildings, How to manage real-life construction projects, Mapping with GIS. Students not only learn engineering concepts but also apply those concepts in simulating models in Industrial grade designing software to develop interesting projects. This will help students to clear their concepts and develop new innovative ideas.

Trending fields in modern Civil Engineering era

The Summer Training Program 2016 from Skyfi Labs allows one to get trained in 3 unique training programs which are trending fields and have much to be explored- Structural and Foundation Analysis, Total Station & GIS, Construction Project Management are such topics which will challenge an individual to rethink the concepts and explore them . All the Summer Training Programs (STP) will include a lot of practical sessions where you will work hands-on and develop working projects. Our engineers will give you the knowledge and help you to develop the projects from scratch.

Project based training methodology

These programs have classes for 6 hours a day stretching for 6 days. In the 6 hours, students will be guided to work on several technologies involving civil engineering concepts and software based training to design and simulate models. Students can then utilize this knowledge and the practical skills acquired from this training program to develop their own projects by making use of the remaining time to explore on their own. Sufficient guidance will be given to them during this time to help them in all stages.

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Skyfi Labs helps students learn practical skills by building real-world projects.

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Skyfi Labs work towards imparting all the above in Summer Training Programs and students have the following options available to choose from:

1. Structural and Foundation Analysis

Learn Structural and Foundation Analysis

This is a challenging topic where an individual need to analyze and design a building even before the construction starts. It is the most integral part in the construction process where one doesn’t have the freedom to make mistakes. And also allows an individual to put imagination in the work and make it real- a civil engineering admiration.

Learn more: Structural and Foundation Analysis

2. Construction Project Management

Learn Construction Project Management

With smart cities just around the corner and the construction industry reaching new heights, India would need skilled construction project managers. So this is an opportunity for you to fill in the shoes of a construction manager and develop the necessary project management skills.

Learn more: Construction Project Management

3. Total Station and GIS

Learn Total Station and GIS

Civil Engineering projects are hugely dependent on land surveyors to provide precise and timely site information. That is the reason why Total Station equipment is preferred by professionals. Also, the information retrieved can be mapped to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to perform further geographic analysis of the surveyed area. This training program gives you the on-field experience of Total Station followed by project analysis using software mapping tools.

Learn more: Total Station and GIS


At the end of the program, students would be acknowledged with certificates. Merit certificates would also be given to recognize the students who show the good amount of innovation during the internship. All Skyfi Labs certificates are generated by our Certificate Generation System and will come with unique numbers. These certificates can also be verified online by anyone (including recruiters/ faculty) at

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How Summer Training Courses help Civil Engineering Students?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-18

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