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Android is a widely popular mobile operating system built mainly for gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. The terms Android refer to a robot that acts and looks like a human. Unlike, the operating system of Apple(iOS), Android is open-source which allows developers to modify and customize it accordingly. This makes the efforts flexible for developers to have different Graphics User Interfaces with the same operating system for different phones. Android is based on Linux kernel and its programs are written in Java language and run through JVM optimized duly for phones and tablets.

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1. 5 Android Apps without coding

2. Android App development using Android Studio

3. Mobile App development using Flutter

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How can one learn Android?

To learn Android Development, it's imperative to have a basic understanding of Java Language followed by Kotlin. Java is one of the most widely used programming languages. It is used everywhere from Machine Learning to databases and from simple programming to code APIs. Even, most of the android libraries and apps are written in Java only. Along with this, the knowledge of XML (similar to HTML) comes handy for layout and User Interface which includes everything we can touch in an app such as buttons, menus, forms, sliders.

One can download and install an android studio in any operating system of a computer.

Also, you can learn Android with the help of Google through android documentation, and this is one such arena where there’s no end to learning. One just needs to brainstorm different ideas and go beyond one’s thinking horizons by taking initiative for ideas of the android project.

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Latest projects on Android App Development

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Android projects for beginners

1. Android app to control a robotic arm

Today, mechanical devices involve electronics as well as programming. Developing an application to control a robotic arm can be a great idea for Android Developers. They will learn the concept of industrial robotics through two different innovative mechatronics projects. The first one will build is the robotic arm, which has 3 degrees of freedom and can be controlled by a smartphone using an Android App.


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2. Android app to control a biped robot

In this android project, you will learn to build a two-legged robot or a biped walking robot that will have six degrees of freedom with a hip, knee & foot and mimic the walking action of humans.


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3. Speech recognition android project: In this android project, you will learn to develop an android app that is similar to the google voice assistant. The highlight of this project is you will develop this android application without coding.


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4. SMS sender android application: In this android project, you will learn to develop an android app without any coding to send SMS from your smartphone.

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5. Location finder android project: Through this android project, you can able to find the location by giving the latitude and longitude coordinates.

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6. Find me on map android application: With the help of this android project, you will develop an application that takes input from the GPS of your mobile phone and displays your current location.

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7. SOS android app: With the help of this android application, you can able to send coordinates of your location through SMS during the emergency.

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8. Tourist Guide android application: This android project is developed keeping in mind the travel enthusiasts. This allows the tourist to explore the city and unravel unknown territories. The requirement for this includes programming language - Java, XML, any operating system, Android Studios or Eclipse IDE, smartphone, a USB Cable for connecting the phone to PC.

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You can also check the Below listed Android projects for beginners:

  • Voice-controlled robot using Android application
  • AC remote using Android
  • Snake game android app project
  • Keyword logger android app project
  • Battery monitor android app project
  • Game management android app project

What are the advantages of Android?

Android has multiple features such as a great user interface, connectivity, storage, media support, messaging that includes SMS and MMS, web browser, supporting multiple-language, google cloud messaging. Compared to iPhone, Android smartphones have better hardware, 3.5 mm headphone jack, USB Type-C port for faster charging, expandable storage, more RAM, greater battery capacity, better screen resolution, widgets which add functionality and enhance the experience of users, a greater number of choices in apps.

Advantages of Android are listed as follows:

  • Open source - This proves to be the biggest advantage for Android OS. The source code is open for all which includes developers and device manufacturers. They can easily access the source code and make necessary changes as per the compatibility of their hardware if and when required. This fact makes Android OS as highly customizable and research-oriented.
  • Rich Development Environment - Android offers a plethora of tools and techniques when it comes to developing apps. Henceforth, the tools provided are easy to use and there are wider options for apps at no extra charges.
  • Reduced Cost of Development - Developing apps for Android is very easy and affordable. One can develop an app and list the same in play store without having to pay for a huge amount of fees. Also, there’s no limitation or restriction when it comes to preparing for a number of apps. This promotes application development at no cost.
  • Inter-App Integration - Google Play Store is much friendly with its open interface and offers flexibility when it comes to integration with other apps and platforms.
  • Increased Marketing - There’s a greater advantage for Android Developers when it comes to the marketing of their apps and Android gets its support from Google Play which further enhances the marketing reach to larger people.
  • Larger Developer and Community Reach - A large portion of handset manufacturers use Android OS and consequently, Android has a larger developer. This also enhances the higher community reach.
  • Higher Success Ratio - Android is the most preferred choice for a variety of mobile handsets and they come at a much cheaper price with greater options for variety compared to those with IOS prove its higher success ratio.

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Is Android app development a good career?

According to a recent survey, 87.7% of the smartphones in the worldwide run on Android which is expected to be more in the coming years.

With the surge of digitalization, which has resulted in the success of app-driven companies, there's more and more demand for Android Developers. A career in Android Development is not only the most sought after but also a challenging one.

With incoming technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and IoT, Android Developers can now integrate these onto various existing applications on the Android OS, creating the future apps ranging from entertainment to commercial that people can easily access for information, transaction or any other concerned activities.

In the last decade, with the emergence of technology and its rapid developments have made smartphones to be a huge bank of personal data. One of the immediate challenges for Android Developers remain to provide security systems. It's absolutely necessary to prevent the loss of personal data for people belonging to worldwide.

Evidently, the role and demand for Android Developers will increase with the launch of mobile handsets at such a frequent rate by top tech companies. India, as a country is one of the predominant users of technology. Top tech companies have a great market share for consumers in India.

Developers can use the Android Software Development Kit and pay only once for the registration fee. This gives them further access to develop multiple apps. This is a high return on investment at a low cost.

With time, there will be more and more demands for various mobile applications catering to different areas such as education, entertainment, healthcare, governance, etc. Android OS caters to a larger audience and this provides an ample opportunity for various Android Developers to develop a myriad range of apps and target worldwide users.

The core areas which provide abundant opportunities for Android Developer are as follows-

  • Education – With educational companies and even universities taking a digital route, the traditional definition of education has changed completely in the last decade. They can access online study material, learn on their own and the biggest advantage is no restriction of timing. Users can download the videos on these educational apps and learn at their own pace.
  • Banking – With digitalization has resulted in increased online transactions. Even, banks too support this cashless economy and it’s feasible for people in general. This further increases the demand for such mobile applications for Android Developers. However, taking care of security systems must be of utmost concern while building such banking apps.
  • E-Commerce – This is one of the fastest-growing areas in business. Today, buying anything is possible through online vendors with the help of their apps. This ranges among beauty, stationery, grocery, gadgets, household stuff to name a few.
  • Gaming – India, being a country with the highest number of youth population has a larger number of game users and in turn, there’s more and more demand which provides a higher return on investment.

Beginners can learn to develop Android apps without coding. They can enroll at the online portal of Skyfi Labs, go through the android project to learn Android with no prior programming experience. It provides video lectures, tutorials, and quizzes along with the practical sessions.

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Android projects for beginners
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Android projects for beginners

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