Tourist Guide Android App

In this Tourist Guide Project framework, the guide of the city is given to the individuals on their cellphone which they get them by means of introducing this application into their android cellphone. The guide will assist voyagers/traveler by finding their ideal area. The side piece likewise comprises of the subtleties other than area, for example, in what manner will they reach there and in what manner will they make the most of their, etc. This Tourist Guide Project applications are really intended for individuals who want to travel and numerous a great deal of times they are distant from everyone else ones who travel. The voyaging/traveling guide application is an Android Project. It empowers the customer to explore with the city and furthermore realize some essential zones to wander around. 

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Project Description-

Let get started by downloading Android Development IDE i.e Android Studio either Eclipse or any of your choice.

  1. Java- Java is the most outstanding language that rings a bell when we talk about the android application. In this task, we will use Java as our programming language.
  2. XML- XML for design/layout the app.
  3. Database- for storage.
  4. Homepage - This page will have i.e the first one is a button for Admin Login and another one for User Login.
  5. Some suggested modules for android travel guide can be:
  6. User Module: Via user module, user can make account into the application and can utilize it for future purposes and furthermore get the most recent updates completely.
  7. Database Module: This module contains every one of the information identified with the framework, for example, users that are registered into the system and so on. that are enlisted into the framework, etc. Time-wise update of the database will prompt convenient updation of data in the user’s account as well.
  8. Admin Module: All the updates and expansion and cancellation of data identified with places and other data are refreshed by means of this module. Just the admin has the option to get to this module.
  9. There are two fundamental highlights of our proposed framework, Travel Guide with the exception of the home page. These are:
  • All in one- This page has four or more buttons according to a developer named “Lodging”, “Café”, and “Bus”, “Shopping” and so on.
  • Search Transportation Medium-The page will furnish a google map with the course from source to goal. It will likewise give essential transportation expenses and separation.
  1. Again these modules depend upon the designer's need, So you can change the module as shown by your needs.

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Project Implementation:

Steps to achieve a travel guide app are:

  1. The initial step is to make another undertaking by any name then as the documents get stacked and as we know that Gradle is built, we’ll have activity_main.xml and and here we have MainActivity which will be recognized as the main homepage screen with two-buttons.
  2. Next, we need to make the User Interface of our App. The User Interface will be outstandingly fundamental and easy to use.
  3. After UI is complete, move forward toward the coding part.
  4. In class, Intent is utilizing to explore users’ decisions. An Intent is a class that is utilized to depict an activity to be performed. It is an essential way that assists engineers with beginning another movement inside an application. It can likewise be utilized as a device to impart between activities.
  5. For all activities, we should declare the intent filters in the manifest file.
  6. Now our Travel Guide App uses Google Maps API v2 to accomplish display the map, add markers on to map and access users’ latitudes and longitudes. In order to utilize Google Maps service, the application needs to enlist for an engineering key on Web advancements.
  7. Next, it's time for setting up (here setting means coding, declare, initialize) all methods, listeners, and buttons needed in all the pages. Like for,,,, etc. these means get done with all the coding for each and every page.
  1. After finishing the coding, run the app and watch the result.

Requirement -

-Programming language -Java, XML for designing the app

-Operating System - any os like a window, Linux.

-Android Studio or  Eclipse IDE


-A USB cable for connecting the phone to PC

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Tourist Guide Android App
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