Virtual Office Management

A Comforting environment is very needy for a person to work. This time the developers came with a JAVA project that deals with the office management system using JSP and javascript. An employee in an office requires an atmosphere where he/she can work efficiently. So, to create that kind of atmosphere by maintaining office decorum and also incorporating activities like a bulletin board, training required for staff and meeting holding responsibilities the developers introduced this system in the market. This is basically a way to increase the efficiency and productivity of the business system of the organization. This system made it all online. Every official works record are being updated and maintained by this system.

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Project Description:

With digitalization being a trend in modern times this system has changed the work inside an organization. In an office there takes place thousands of paperwork so there is a high chance of data loss in case of missing files. But being a virtual system it gives the best possible result. It deals with every detail that takes place in the office. From the attendance to his worksheet report everything gets recorded in the database of the system. It is the system that holds every data of an employee and displays his/her time report.

This system work under two modules system one is server and the other one is the client. The server module deals with the organization functionalities. This is responsible for fixing the training required for the staff and when to hold meetings. This server module is responsible for task management system as it divides the workload to each group. It also checks the work progress and updates every activity so that it can be finished before meeting the deadline. It also deals with the rules and regulation of the organization. It keeps in check everyday work so that no rule is being violated by any employee. It also deals with the payment checking system. It plays the role of an HR but virtually so that an employee has a suitable working atmosphere. It also sets the priority for each task to do. The client-server deals with employee details. The employees have to sign in the system and update their daily including their attendance so that everything keeps in check.  Then all these details uploaded by the employee are validated.

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  • To gain better productivity its works on a structural procedure. It divides the workload and also binds each group with time limits so that the work is finished before the deadline.
  • To be much more organizational, unlike the old traditional approach. For holding a meeting during previous times every employee needed to informed by paperwork but now as this system works in an incremental coding function every employee gets notification at the same time in their respective logged in account.
  • Everyday data uploading by the employees makes the organization work in a more synchronizing way. It also helps the higher-ups to fetch and collect records in a more efficient manner.
  • To avoid illicit behaviour inside the organisation. As everything is in online so there is less chance for data confiscating by other employees.
  • To give promotions and salary increment only on the basis of their work and merit, not on the recommendation.
  • Also to provide and organize training camps for the employees to boost their knowledge and skill when it is needed.


With all these functionalities induced in the system, an organization works in a more procedural and structural way as in comparison with the older times. Employees are becoming more focused towards the work. Deadline failures had been reduced with the daily update approach. Moreover, every detail including the achievement and failure of the employee is being stored in the database. It can be viewed by him or the higher-up anytime as it a 24x7 online server. Work is being in a more efficient and effective manner with higher rates of productivity.

Software Required:

  • JSP: It is the scripting Language.
  • Java Script: For data validation.
  • HTML: For front end work.
  • MS ACCESS: For database work.

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Virtual Office Management
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2020-10-10

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