E-mail Client Software using JAVA

This java project is similar to the email system which is used to send and receive messages. The project is developed through java APIs. The project will need standard sockets and other networking in addition to the Java mail API. This java project uses email protocols such as SMTP and POP3. The project is available on the internet for free and also its reports, resources, database design, documentation, ppt., etc.

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The project architecture consists of your computer, a receipt’s computer, an ISP SMTP protocol, Firewall, and spam filter, etc. The project is used to send multimedia data or text data from the host computer to the designated computer through various components such as the Internet and communication medium. The ISP or Internet service provider is similar to the mail server which acts in an electronic post office.

Requirements for the project

  • A minimum of two systems is required for the project.
  • Processor Intel P4
  • Hard disk of 40 GB
  • RAM of 512 MB
  • Standard wireless/ wired network with either Ad-hoc.
  • Operating system either windows or Linux
  • Software needed are java SDK 2, Borland Net beans 6.0

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Project Implementation

The project will first convert the message into electrical signals then it will send to the mail server first and it is transferred to the receiver’s mail servers. The receiver’s mail server will sort the various received messages based on some pattern. The mail server should be connected directly to the java application so it can show the receiver messages.

The project uses HTTP port 80 to gain access over the mails and the whole message is sent safely. The message is transferred confidentially to the receiver; to avoid the hacking of data the sender can use cryptography to hide the important data. With this model, this java project can be used to send and receive messages. The project is very feasible and affordable as it doesn’t require any advanced system to build the project.

The project can also be a Character User Interface, where you can opt to read the message and the application will show the message as per your convenience. The project can also be used to avoid spam messages as you can block them before reading them. The java project can be used to send the messages very frequently and also it can be used to read the messages.


The project should fulfill every user requirements and the system interface is very user-friendly. The project should be easily accessible and has to be tested totally with every situation. The project is also very upgradable and it possesses a future scope. The developer can upgrade the system according to their need and made it more attractive. The java project can also be used to share the data online with other systems. The project will also need an administrator which will hold the authority of the system. The system is accessible from anywhere as it is connected to the web. The system’s whole code is available on the internet which can be downloaded easily.    

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E-mail Client Software using JAVA
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