Course Management System using JAVA

The JAVA project is developed for the students to manage their assignments, results, projects, etc. This application is very useful in schools and colleges where the administration finds it difficult to manage a large amount of data of its students. As the college courses impose the curriculum of practical education for the students, there is a need for a lot of assignments and projects.

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  • The application is developed through java programming.
  • The application will be useful in storing and sorting the data.
  • The project will be helpful in the final year assignments of the students.
  • Once the source code is downloaded, the system is ready to implement.
  • The project is divided into three modules that are Administrator module, Students Modules, and Instructor Module.


The three modules are divided according to their specific tasks and aims. The Administrator module is for the administrator which involves creating an account for students and instructors. The codes of subjects and students roll number is inserted by the Administrator. The application will be designed to have a password as only the admin can make the changes with student name and their subjects.

  • The admin will create an entry for a student and its course.
  • The interface is created with the help of java programming language.
  • A password would be necessary to make the account secure.
  • The changes in the student’s details will only be made by the admin.
  • The rest two modules are for the students and instructors.

The other two modules which are coded for the instructors and the students are the children of the function Administrator. They can create their respective accounts by an easy interface provided to them. Student’s grades and assignments need to be sorted and arranged accordingly. The system is very reliable in terms of storing the records and arranging them. 

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Features of the project

The system produced by the help of java programming language is thus reliable and efficient. It will help the university and the organization to keep an account of each and every student very minutely. All the accounts are password protected and hence it also is secure to store and arrange data of the students. The administrator is only allowed to create the account, the students and instructors can only register for it.

  • Once the account is made, the student can list their queries using the SQL query.
  • The SQL query will facilitate the students to have a look over their academic performance.
  • The instructors will use it to register the grades of the students.
  • The files can be named as Instructor accounts and Student accounts.
  • The user can access their information through the command select *filename in the SQL query.


The project will hence combine the knowledge of java programming language and the SQL query. The student can also use this project as their assignment paper. The project is very feasible and flexible enough to implement it easily. The developer should keep in mind about the files and their functions. It has to be accurate to make this project secure and usable.

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Course Management System using JAVA
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