Health Care Improvement using JAVA

Health is the key factor nowadays. In modern times people are becoming extremely cautious of their health compared to the older times. Now people visit the doctor for just a regular check-up which was almost unthinkable in the early times. Even inside the hospital, any unhealthy atmosphere is avoidable. With this respect, the developers came live with this Improve Health Care project with the help of ‘Java’ coding language to improvise the system. It is basically a data storing site of all the details of patients and hospital details. It is an open platform for the patients and doctor to communicate with each other.

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Project Description:

It is basically a web-based project created in Java by the programmers. It has been created so that the patients can have a clear idea of how to leave in a healthy atmosphere within and even outside the hospital. Not only that it’s also a program to improve the hospital environment from within. This keeps every detail of the hospital in the database server. Keep track of everything that is happening inside the hospital with a vivid notification.

This system had been built in a two modules way one is admin module and the other is the user or client module. The admin module deals with the management of the hospital. This includes details of all the medicines stock, ward, room, operation theatres etc. All these are updated on a daily basis and stored in the database. The user module deals with all the details of the patients, doctors, staffs etc. Every detail of the patients like his/her previous visit to which doctor, what kind of disease was caught or what kind of operation had taken place everything is recorded digitally in the database server. It is a platform where the doctor and patient can even communicate for the betterment of the patient. The patient can seek health advice from doctors via chat option on the website.

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  • Its primary objective is to keep the patient in a healthy and fresh environment inside the hospital so that there is no chance of infection due to germs.
  • To improve the operation theatres, wards and rooms inside the hospital for better and fresh treatment of the patients.
  • To stand as an online platform for the patients to clarify their thoughts and doubts to the respective doctors for cure and advice.
  • To stand as a trustable server where there is no chance of data loss of the patient’s previous records. Every previous detail of the patient’s and even doctors diagnose reports are stored securely in the database server.
  • To gain trust in the heart of the patients and make them feel comfortable so that they don’t back out from the operation which results in a loss for the respective hospital.


With the further progress of this project, the hospital management had been improved in quite a scale. People’s trust is a key factor for this Improve Health Care project. The most promising reason for its success is that there is less chance of data loss. And every time the patient visits the centres his/her detail is fetched from the database with his/her enrolment number. So there is no issue of bringing a lot of documents for every visit. And this open platform where the patient can chat with the doctor and seek health advice results to be a boon.

Software Requirements:

  • APACHE TOMCAT: This software had been used.
  • ORACLE: For database work.
  • JAVASCRIPT: It is the scripting language.
  • SERVLETS, JSP: These are the web components used for this project.

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Health care improvement using JAVA
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2020-10-10

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