Gym management system using JAVA

Everyone wants to live a healthy life. It is so trendy these days and different ages of boys, girls, ladies, and gents do various kind of activities to make them fit. Due to this urge of people, the ultimatum of gyms is increasing day by day. People love to spend a lot many hours to achieve their desired shape and size in a gym so as to improve or maintain their overall physique. Supervising this kind of data by hand can be a difficult and strenuous process. So there is a dire need of automating gym function by creating an application that is Gym management system.

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Technology deployed in this System

  • HTML- For crafting front end designing.
  • CSS- To provide a great look to the application by styling effects.
  • Java-For writing complete source code
  • JavaScript-For doing validation tasks and insertion of animation features.
  • JSP-For writing down front end code.
  • MySQL- For backing up the database.
  • Tomcat-This server is deployed.

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Modules of Gym Management System


Main functions of the ADMIN MODULE are:

  1. Members of supervision
  2. Attendance supervision
  3. Package Addition/Deletion
  4. Payment Management
  5. Trainer Management and Allotment
  6. Batch Allotment
  7. Generation of reports

Main functions of the USER MODULE are

  1. Registration
  2. Login
  3. Check Packages
  4. View reports
  5. Make Payments

Working of Admin Module:

Login and member management: Firstly admin needs to login to perform various operations. Admin can supervise member, he is the one who can add new members, remove members, modify member details.

Attendance Supervision— This module assists to mark daily attendance of gym members by using their gym_id and batch, here admin can easily check for how many hour gym members is working out in the gym.

Package addition/deletion—Admin can add various packages and update package during a peak time like after Diwali holidays and also delete old packages with time. He can add offers with packages to avail discounts to gym couples(husband-wife).

Payment Management—Admin can manage the payment of different gym member with their respective packages.

Trainer Management and Allotment—Admin like gym members can also add different trainer and can allot trainer to gym member(user)  depending on their packages

Batch Allotment—Admin provides batches to gym member according to their convenience.

Generate and View reports—Admin can generate reports of any gym member whenever he feels required to view his/her entire details regarding batch, timing, payments etc.

Working of User Module

Registration and Login- User first needs to register himself/herself on the web application of gym management system. After registration user needs to log in for availing the services offered by the gym management system.

Checking various packages—After login user become gym member now, he/she can check out various packages offered by the gym and avail the facilities of the gym.

Checking batches—User can check out the total number of batches available and their timing accordingly and sent a request to admin for availing particular batch.

Make Payments—After checking out different package’s user can choose the right package for himself/herself and make payment accordingly.

View reports—User can view various reports related to payment, batch, profile etc.

Advantages of a gym management system

  • Ensures transparency of payments
  • It saves time
  • User can explore package of his/her choice
  • It is user-friendly
  • Ease of accessibility
  • Less maintenance cost

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Gym management system using JAVA
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