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Home is a place where people can return. Home means a place of comfort, pleasure and desired atmosphere. It’s the only place where people don’t want to compromise any piece of comfort. The long breath a person takes after he/she comes back after the whole day of tiring work describes the comfort level mentioned here. But the question is how many of us can actually build a home for us like that or how many of us have the time or fund to make a roof of comforting atmosphere for us. We have become so busy in our modern world that we hardly have time to breathe so building a home with every little detail is near to impossible for us by taking out time from our daily course. Keeping that in mind and with the help of Java language, the developers have coded this website called “Online Rental House” where people can choose their home by renting.

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Project Description

It is a project that reaches people’s heart. Everyone is working their best just to build a home of their own but in that process, they are being robbed off their time and energy they are hardly left with any energy to be creative. The developers keeping that in mind have coded this online portal with Java language where people can see various types of houses and designs and decoration and choose and rent them as they desire. It’s basically an online platform to rent your comfort place. Just like there are tons of websites for online shopping where you can choose from various options then select one here also one has the liberty to choose from various options and from various places.

This JAVA project is created by three module system one is the admin, the second is the owner and the last is the user. The admin is the one who manages all the administrative work of the website. The admin keeps track of everything that’s going on in the website. He is like a third eye. He manages all the users and owner’s rental properties that are listed on the website. The second module is the owner under this section the house owner who wants to give rent to customer register. He/she has to provide various details with picture illustration of the property along with the price of the property. And the last one is the user module which includes a customer who wants to live. They search for their desired home with preferences like the place or bedroom number (1BHK or 2BHK), high or low price etc. It is an open portal for house owners to offer and customers to take.

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  • The main objective is to fulfil a person uttermost desire for which he/she has been working so hard that is to provide them with a house their heart desires with the choice of their price.
  • This online project is an initiative for the users where they have been given the scope of viewing the property which they are going to rent by just sitting. Not only that they are given a wide range of choices among which they have to select.
  • After selecting and booking a property the in the website the admin provides the customer with the details of the owner so that they can have proper effective communication. This is to provide a hassle-free service.
  • Now people don’t have to go through all the trouble to build their homes on their own they can just rent it on the website.
  • It is a 24x7 hours service portal so people can come online anytime. And it also gives the person the liberty to save money as building a home requires a lot of money as compared to renting. To be a completely user-friendly system.


This JAVA project really helps people to save their cost and stress of life. Now people are enjoying the liberty to view and select properties which their heart desire. It is very satisfying for the person to see the property before renting it. Plus all the records are stored in the database of the user in the website so there is no chance of illicit behaviour of the house owner or the customer. This safety reason attracts a lot to rent it freely.

Software Requirements:

  • JAVA: The coding language used.
  • MySQL: The database work as back end support.
  • NetBeans IDE: The project has been made using this. This helps to increase the productivity of the Java language.
  • XAMPP: For APACHE and MySQL.

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Online Rental House Web Portal
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2020-10-10

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