Baby Care - JAVA project

Parenting is definitely not an easy task, to begin with. Most of the people are totally clueless about this subject. They hardly have any idea of how to take proper care of a newly born baby. Most of them get scared and try to imitate other parents by hearing from them without knowing if it is really good or bad for the child. Due to the lack of information, this occurs. And even if we seek doctor help it’s impossible to ask a doctor so many questions within a limited span of time of appointment. So keeping this idea intact the developers had built this project using JSP, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, and JDBC which deals with everything needed for the welfare of a newborn child also including parental behaviour.

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Project Description:

It is an approach for better upbringing of a child. This baby care project revolves around everything that is needed to be taken care of after a child’s birth. The developers have built this site with every detail like which food to provide to a child, what medicine to provide at which age, baby products, and tips about taking care of a baby and etc. This site also provides suggestions of really good names for the babies and this also have a feature name parenting where there are a lot of tips for the parents responsible for the baby.

This project revolves around two modules- admin and user. The admin module deals with the administration work of the site. The functionality of the admin is that the person registered as admin mainly the developers can add new baby names for the users, update or delete any names from the sites. They can also add new pages to the sites add on functionalities. They are responsible for giving a constant update about baby care. The user module deals with the registered people to the site. The registered users have to provide all the details about their newborn baby and the system will provide them with information about everything. The registered user gets all the information from here about baby tips, baby food, and also about parental behaviour around the newborn.

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  • To give the new parents valid tips and information about how to raise their baby.
  • To provide parents with correct information with their respective baby so that they don’t need to seek to others for help.
  • To eliminate a lot of ill practised rituals that had been going on since past for the betterment of the baby but in reality, scientifically that is harmful to the baby.
  • To provide every detail including how to behave in front of a newborn. Also to provide what food is best for the respective baby and all the products they should use to avoid any infection.
  • This site takes input from the parents about their newborn if they have any disorder or any other allergic symptoms and if so then the site will provide tips, baby food and baby products according to the respective baby.
  • It is a24x7 hours of service providing the site with a secured database storage capacity of every individual.


Now parents are feeling more relaxed less tensed in comparison to the past times. All the ill practices have been reduced. The parents are now becoming aware of the facts of how actually to keep their babies healthy. Lack of information is not a scare anymore. Parenting is improving in a kinder way. Parents are not applying any products on their baby without knowing the cause for it. They have become cautious about health.

Software Requirement:

  • JSP, JDBC, JAVASCRIPT, and AJAX: Front end works.
  • Apache, MySQL: Server
  • ORACLE 10g: Back end work.

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Baby Care - JAVA project
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-04-01

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