Prisoner Face Detection system

For ease down the tasks of police, prisoner face detection can be proven as a great tool in recognizing culprit’s face. Each minute detail of the criminal is stored in the database including his eye, ears, lips and nose, then these images are exposed to eye witness so that they could identify the criminal. Earlier there was not any proper method that ensures facial detection of the culprits, police team perform various measures in identifying criminal identification, this cannot generate good results. In the proposed system, firstly slicing of criminal images are performed and then that images have undergone instant visualization. Then the images which are sliced are linked to original images and appropriate details.

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Technology Used in this System

HTML: For designing the front end

CSS: For styling front end

JAVA: For doing source code

JavaScript: For writing code for server pages

MYSQL: For storing data in the backend

APACHE TOMCAT: server links

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Modules of the system

  • Admin module
  • Investigator Module
  • Witness Module

Admin module

Admin has full access on all the modules. Admin provides user ids and passwords to police officers and investigators.

Login: Admin can login by using his id and password.

Registration of investigator: Registers various investigator and witness on the system.

View details

Admin can view details of the investigator as well as a witness whenever he wants to check.

Investigator module

Investigator Login: Investigator can login by adding his/her id and password. If in case he/she forgets his password he can click on forget password and retrieve easily by clicking on it.

Add criminal images: Investigator has all the privileges to add criminals images in the system to keep a record.

Deleting criminal images: delete images of criminals those who have completed his tenure in the jail.

Update criminal record: update his/her profile

Generate images: Generates images of the criminal

Generate reports: Generates all the details of the criminals.

Print results: Print details of the criminals

Witness Module

Record statement

The Investigator can record statements given by the witness in the database so as to access whenever required.

Advantages of the proposed system

  • It saves time
  • It gives accurate results
  • It has more efficiency.
  • Recall criminal record in a few minutes.
  • It is more cost-friendly system.

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Prisoner Face Detection system
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