E-Health Care Management System

This web-based java project is also known as the “Corporate Medicare Management” and it is used to provide a better way for the management of the data of staff and hospitals. This java project uses data mining technology and it proves a better application meant for modern hospitals and clinics. While developing this project, one can download the source code for free and the project reports are also available for free on the internet.

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Project Implementation:

Let’s have a look at the current situation on which we will be working to make the situation better. In the traditional way of storing the data, there was a high chance of data misinterpretation and the occurrence of errors. The huge amount of data will be a huge problem and managing it will also be difficult. The time it takes to enter the details of each patient in the hospital would also be more. Thus, there is a need for an application that would provide a way to make arranging the data easier.

The java project consists of two modules which are the Administrative module and Client module. The administrative module will handle all information about the different departments, staff, ward, etc. The client module includes information about doctors and patients. This java project is very easy and easily handled and it contains the following features.

  • It creates an online platform for doctors and patients.
  • This project will help in the reduction of data missing, duplication, and redundancy.
  • Through this project, we can find the resource ratio of the hospital.
  • The project uses data mining technology for the effective and accurate management system.

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Benefits of the project

  • This project will help in finding the bed ratio.
  • To manage the use of operation theaters.
  • To increase the productivity of the staff.
  • To monitor the disease in any hospital area.
  • Monitor the clusters of patients.

Requirements of the project

  • DataBase – Oracle
  • Software Tomcat – Apache
  • Scripting language – Java Script
  • Web component – Servlets, JSP
  • Data Mining Tool – WEKA
  • Processor – Pentium 4
  • Processor Speed – 2.4GHz
  • RAM – 512 MB


This web-based java project is very helpful in the management of all the staff, doctors, nurses, patients, etc. This application can easily be made and maintained. The concept of data mining should be clear to the developer and the application should be user-friendly. The application removes some drawbacks of traditional data storing and manipulation. The developer should keep the modules in mind and make the system as reliable as possible.

The Integration of the two modules will result in a huge database that has to be handled carefully. The application benefits in many aspects such as data manipulation and sorting. The application is very much feasible and the project can be used to implement big database software. The developer should keep in mind about the interface to make it as much user-friendly as possible and the user should enter all the correct details in the system.

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E-Health Care Management System
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