Employee Management System

In a multi-national organization there exist a huge mass of employees with varied posts, achievements and qualifications so it is very much necessary to keep track of them. Employees are the key source in an organization as they perform all the activities of an organization so keeping them in track and maintaining their welfare is very important as if they screw up the whole business of the organization will suffer a downfall. By this source the developers have created an online field where every detail of an employee can be accessed, organized and maintained securely. This project had been developed using python.

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Project description:

It is a simple project and easy to understand. It is designed in a way such that there will less manual work and everything will be done on a digital basis. The main concept of the project is to manage all the employees including their everyday work. This deals with establishing a group of employees and assigning work with deadlines, organising training camps, recording achievements and success of an employee, setting agenda of the business and so on. This had been designed in such a way so that everything will be recorded digitally even the attendance of every employee will be recorded in the site so that there is no scope of illicitness.

This Employee management project revolves around two modules the admin and the user modules. The admin module deals with the main administrative work on the website. It is responsible for the decision making work in the organization. It sets up an agenda and distributes the work to every group in the company. It is also responsible for sending a notification to every employee account about the company’s details and the employee achievement or any other useful information. It is also responsible for salary expansion and promotion factors. It checks and updates every detail on the website about the company with the changing times. The user module deals with the employees and other staff details. Basically, the employees have to create an account and have to update their daily work on the site which will be stored in the database of the server. Day to day worklist will be provided in the account of each employee and they have to fulfil the work and update it by the time they are off.

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  • To make the organization work more procedural and structural for better productivity in the field of business.
  • To follow a more customized way to reach the work by dividing it sequentially among groups and also with the return response of the groups a good formal communication will be maintained.
  • As every detail of the employee had been recorded and analysed so there will be a clear view of the report of who is performing how. And by that means the company and organize training camps for the employees who are lacking in the knowledge of work.
  • To provide an effective and efficient result for the company. As these two terms might sound similar but are totally different from one another.
  • To provide promotion and salary expansion only on the basis of merit, not on the recommendation.


A successful increase in the business is being seen by maintaining this approach. And by this process, every employee is being served on an equality basis so there is no sense of complaining. And for the lacking employees training camps could be organised more frequently. So, the increment is reaching on a sky level. Illicit behaviour had been reduced within the organization.

Software Requirement:

  • Python3: Coding Language.
  • MySQL: Database work.
  • Django: This project had been developed using Django2.
  • MySQL Connector: For making the connection from MySQL and python.

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Employee Management System
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