Stock Management system using JAVA


Stock Management System is an online application created utilizing Java programming language. The principle goal of this undertaking is to oversee stock for an organization or association and deal with deals and acquisition of items. This task incorporates different modules and highlights to include, alter, see and erase stock-management-related things in the system database.

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You more likely know about the Retail Giant Wal-Mart.

  • Which items are accessible in stock or when to reorder a specific item?
  • How do they realize that a specific item's stock is done?
  • Which items deals have been high or which items had low deals?

The appropriate response is straightforward They utilize a robotized framework which encourages them in dealing with their stocks. Stock Management framework helps a retailer or businessperson in limiting their stocks as per the deals.

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Existing System:

The current Stock Management methodology is a manual one which runs with pen and paper. It is very tedious and uneconomical for an association. Information association isn't successful and productive in the present system, and there is more danger of information mismanagement.

Proposed System:

To conquer the downsides and impediments of the current system, this Stock Management System software is proposed. It is a progressively proficient web application created utilizing Java and HTML. This application is increasingly powerful for stock information management; the information is progressively verified and can be accessed easily.

Modules Overview:

There are different modules and highlights that make up this venture. The system module starts with the login page; here, the administrator signs into the system by entering the substantial username and password. The administrator can control the accompanying highlights:

Enter stock

View stock

Dispatch stock

Move stock

The data that can be included into the system is classification, client details, buy, deals print, stock details, stock sections, stock passages instalments, stock deals instalments, stock deals, provider details, UOM, and then some. The system likewise permits the administrator to check client details, deals details, stock details, provider details, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Stock Management System likewise incorporates capacities to print instalment receipt, and view buys reports, deals reports, deals stock report. The administrator can erase the stock section and stock deals, alter buy and stock deals.

Through the system, client details, instalments, stock accessibility, stock details, stock sections installments, stock deals installments, and provider details can be seen. Refreshing should be possible on client details, stock details, stock sections, stock deals and provider details.


Stock Management System Project is created as an online task to meet the present stock management requests of an organization or association. The system can be gotten to from anyplace with the web. New features and modules can be consolidated into the system according to the client prerequisites.

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Stock Management system using JAVA
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