Bug tracking system java project

The project is aimed to find the bugs in the development of different software. The Bug tracking system will help us to find bugs and viruses in the development of any software. The software is being built with the help of the java platforms. The system will help the organization to catch any bug that lurks within the system without the knowledge of the administrator.

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  • The system helps the organization with tracking of bugs and glitches.
  • The source code for the project can be downloaded from anywhere on the internet.
  • The developer also needs to download the documentation for the project.
  • The developer of the project needs to have good knowledge of Java language.
  • The system can be updated conveniently anywhere from the internet.

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Bug Tracking System Project Procedure

To catch the bugs, the Bug Tracking System needs to have knowledge about pre bugs that were previously present in the system. The system will compare the new bugs with the older ones to decide their adversity on the system. A web-based system is the best way to process the whole debugging procedure. The steps for the Bug Tracking System Project are as follows:-

  • The system will consist of three parts which are the employee module, Manager Module, and Administrator module.
  • Java is the object-oriented programming language, the modules will be connected.
  • The coder will update the definitions of the bugs into the systems, so the system will be able to identify the bugs.
  • The coder will work in the employee module.
  • The Manager module is just to look after the employee required for the project to complete. The java coding will help to establish a relationship between the objects and classes.
  • The most prior module is the Administrator model which will take care of both the modules and will cater to all the services.
  • The coders and testers will collectively work on the project to accomplish it successfully.

Bug Tracking System project features

The application is developed to manage the bug that lurks within the computer systems while developing other software’s. The application will search and sort the whole bug history to compare it with its inherited properties. Inheritance is also one of the main properties of the Java programming. The developer needs to have a good knowledge of all the concepts related to the Java language.

  • The system developed is fully secured.
  • To manage the security authentication method is adopted.
  • The system stores information about the previous bugs.
  • The system is capable of auto-update.
  • The system is easy to handle and is an effective way to spot the bugs.


The project is simple and it will facilitate the organization to make its other application more secure. As the growing age of the internet demands a new perspective of smart security, this project can be of popular use. The developer should collect the data about bugs related to systems these days. The Bug tracking system will also teach the pattern of tracking programs from their traits left in the computers.

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Bug tracking system java project
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