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Question and Answer (Q&A) frameworks assume an essential job in our everyday life for data and information sharing. Clients post questions and pick inquiries to reply to the framework. Because of the quickly developing client populace and the number of inquiries, a client can't discover an inquiry by chance that (s)he can reply. Likewise, charitableness doesn't urge all clients to give short and precise answers. The essential target of this project is to improve the exhibition of Q&A frameworks by effectively sending inquiries to clients who are skilled and ready to respond to the inquiries. To this end, we have planned and actualized Social Q&A, an online interpersonal organization-based Q&A framework.

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Technology requirements

Framework: Pentium Dual-Core.

Hard Disk: 130 GB.


Screen: 14'' LED

Information Devices: Keyboard, Mouse, mic

Programming requirements:

Database: MYSQL

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Working framework: Windows 7, Windows 10

Instrument: Netbeans 7.2.1

Coding Language: JAVA/J2EE

Project Implementation

An online informal organization associates companions with real relationships and online kinships, which share comparability to the genuine informal organization. Companions in an online social system will, in general, have comparable interests and trust in one another. Exploiting these properties, we also plan to create Social Q&A that joins an online social system to improve the nature of answers and lessening the answer hold uptime. It advances a client's inquiries to his/her social companions that have normal intrigue and a nearby social relationship.

Like all online informal communities, the one in Social Q&A has client profiles that record clients' inclinations, training, pastimes and so on. Like Quora and Yahoo, our project also likewise predefines intrigue classes and subcategories.

Social Q&A permits clients to enlist and alter client data, include/expel companions, ask/answer/forward inquiries and check questions.

The primary UI incorporates a social stage (counting Profile and Friend Options), a Questions and Answer module (counting Ask Question, Answer Questions also, Check Answers), and a warning module (counting occasions from both social stage and Q&A space).

At the point when a client first uses the SOS framework, he/she is required to complete his/her social profile, for example, interests, hobbies, etc. Based on the social data, the enlistment server prescribes companions to the client, and the client at that point includes companions into his/her companion list.

Every client locally stores his/her profile and intrigue ID, and their friend's id list as well as their interest IDs. Every client ascertains his/her interest ID on his/her social data and then sends it to their companions.

An enrollment server is liable for client enrollment. Every client has an intrigue ID, which speaks to his/her advantage. Clients who have been ready to address questions and give high caliber answers to inquiries already are more prone to be eager to address inquiries and give top-notch answers. These clients are more likely to get questions and attain a higher priority in our framework

The project may utilize a First-order logic for the redressal of the client's interest and the inquiry. It additionally gains client fulfilment evaluations for precise answers. SOS creates exceptionally fewer overheads with constrained inquiry sending. Since every client is associated with a few social gatherings, it chooses the most plausible answerers and forwards to an answerer that can answer without much delay.

We can likewise get a reaction from any area through the web, by methods for cloud server which gives stockpiling of huge resources. All the inquiries and answers are put away in the cloud. The future of Q&A framework in the cloud is demandable and has much scope in the future.

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Online Networking site
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