Banking system JAVA project

The web is by and large broadly utilized as a method for communication and alluded to as the window to the world. Individuals currently depend on the web to scan for data, to buy stock and to be educated regarding various administrations gave by an association.

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Presently, time is treated as cash. Nobody is eager to invest a large portion of their day's energy at the bank for exchanges like balance inquiry, cash and so forth. The complete financial framework which is actualized on Java gives a sufficient answer for banking-related exchanges and you can play out your most significant financial errands from the solace of your home.

Project Requirements

Hardware Requirements: 

Processor: Intel Pentium based system

RAM SPEED: up to 1GB 

Processor speed: 250 MHz to 830MHz

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Software Requirements: 

Languages: JSP, JDBC, Javascript, AJAX, Java, HTML

Server: Apache Tomcat/JBoss/Glassfish/Weblogic/Websphere.

Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10

Technologies: CORE JAVA


This Internet Banking System underpins the functionalities of banking administrations with secure login methodology to interface inside the CUSTOMERS and DATABASE.

Application Server:


Java Server Pages

Undertaking Java Beans

Java SDK1.3

Project implementation

Proposed System:

The complete Banking framework empowers bank clients to get to their accounts and enquire general data about bank's items and administrations from the solace of their PC. This application focuses on a secure financial framework which will be open to any verified client with legitimate client id and secret word. Through this framework, the client can get to his record from anyplace.

Administrator: Following action performs by the administrator or bank client.

The bank can ADD/EDIT/UPDATE new clients.

The administrator can ADD/EDIT/UPDATE Bank.

The bank can ADD/EDIT/UPDATE exchange according to the client demand.

At the point when another client will be included under any bank. An interesting record number will produce programming for the client that the client will utilize during the exchanges.

Client: Users can perform the following activities.

The client can enlist and login to the application.

The client can send cash to another client.

The client can refresh his profile.

The client can check the exchange history also.


Login Module

Open record

Record History

Administrator Module

Balance Enquiry

Credit Module

Cash Transfer

1. Login Module

Clients can sign in with client id and secret key

2. Open record

This is for new clients. They can include a record. For this, they have to fill a structure at their bank and the bank furnishes with the client id and secret word to validate themselves.

3. Balance Enquiry

This module encourages balance inquiry.

4. Account History

The client can check the recorded history. Record history incorporates account subtleties, exchange subtleties and so on. It reproduces smaller than expected exchange activity yet marginally unique as it gives all subtleties.

5. Admin Module

Unlimited oversight over all the activities of the application.

6. Credit Module

The client can apply for advances or loans through this module. Different credits offered by the bank like training, home, individual loans and so forth are incorporated. This area likewise incorporates archives required for a credit application, handling status and whether loans are endorsed or not.

7. Money Transfer

The client can move cash from his record to another record.

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Banking system JAVA project
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