Digital Steganography

In the modern era, the cyber world is suffering from the threat of hackers who tend to steal data from various locations. The data is very important for any organization and the programmers build everything possible to protect the data from the invaders. Cryptography is the art of disguising data in different forms to protect it from being accessed.

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  • Digital steganography is easier than cryptography.
  • It only uses multimedia data to cover important data from being accessed.
  • The programmer uses its creativity and talent to disguise the data.
  • The disguised data looked non-suspicious to the hackers.
  • It also reduces the tiresome job of decoding the transformed data into relevant data.

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The source code for the java project can be downloaded from the internet including the project report and also its documentation. The project will need a development kit which is J2sdk1.4.1 as it can be run by any software. Java programming platform will provide a user-friendly interface and as it is developed on IDE, the project is highly flexible. The system requirements for the project are:-

  • Processor Pentium IV
  • 40 GB Hard disk space
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Java (jdk1.4.1 and above)
  • Windows/Linux/Solaris

The project aims to cover the secret data from the hackers by covering it with any multimedia data i.e., images, audio, clip arts, etc. To send the data, the developer will need a sender-side program and also to receive the data, the developer will need a receiver-side program. The project should include both the programs so that the user can send and receive the data.

Structure of the Program

The JAVA project is a two-module program, one is the stegano medium and the other will be for accessing the data from the medium.  In the first module, making stegano medium the secret data will be cover with some multimedia data. The program will generate a code that will act as a key at the receiver’s end.

The other module which is for accessing the data from the medium uses the generated code and decodes the data from the disguised data. The disguised data is visible to all but not the data; the receiver with the code is the only one to access the data. The project is highly flexible and the covering of data can be done by using images, clip arts, etc.


The project provides a GUI interface and it should be user-friendly so that anybody can work on it. The project will require a good knowledge of java programming and working on the development kit of java. This project can be used to send and receive data without attracting the interest of hackers. The code generation is quite the key for the project; the receiver with the code will access the data.

It is easier and less tiresome that cryptography as it doesn’t require hiding the data with some specific pattern using a big and complex algorithm. The project is easily maintained and it can be made by anyone who possesses a good knowledge over java programming language.  

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Digital Steganography
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