Voice based E-mail for the blind

As the title proposes, the project is a web framework for visually challenged people, utilizing an IVR-Interactive voice system, empowering everybody to control their mails by utilizing just their voice and will also have the option to read and send emails. The framework will provoke the client with voice commands to work out a certain activity and the client will respond to the same. The primary advantage of this framework is that the utilization of the keyboard is disposed of, the client will only react through voice and mouse click.

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Presently you should be wondering that by what method will a visually impaired individual see the right situation on the screen for doing mouse clicks. In any case, this framework will perform activities based on the clicks, that is left-clicked or right-click, it doesn't rely upon the part of the screen where the cursor is placed allowing the client to click anywhere on the screen.

Technology used

Google API, PHP, Html, JAVA, Mouse click event, IVR (Interactive voice response), a microphone which takes voice as input, a speech recognition software, MYSQL, Google Speech-to-text and text-to-speech APIs. and a soundcard to pronounce the texts.

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Project implementation

User Interface design:  In this stage, the UI is created. That is, the designing of the web pages which the client will use to communicate.

Database design: In our application, the database is utilized to store client subtleties, for example, name, age and so forth. The database here is additionally used to keep data about the emails sent or received in the draft.

Framework design: In this stage, a complete graph of the working system is designed. This flow chart will show the subtleties of several events like activities to be performed for an event.

The main module of the system is to make an account. There is a form that contains some information required for account creation. The client can fill all the sections utilizing their voice. The sources of information might be a username, their date of birth, contact number, alternate email id, gender and so on.

After an effective login, the user will be redirected to this page and this is the primary page from where the user can play out all the features like, make another mail, check inbox, spare to draft and so on. As the user is meant to be visually impaired, so it is permitted to click aimlessly anyplace on the screen.

Users can also directly record a message and can send it. This voice message will go in some type of attachment. The collector can hear the recording and get the message the user needed to send. The user would not require attaching the file. Record options will be given in the compose window itself. When recorded it will affirm whether the recording is great or not by letting the user hear it and if the user affirms it, then it will be automatically attached to the mail.

The mouse click conventions can be decided by you, like a double left click may mean to compose a mail or a right-click may imply to send the message and so on.

The user can tune in to mails he/she needs to work on through the click activity pre-specified by the prompt. To explore various mails, the prompt will indicate which tasks to perform. Each time the mail is chosen the user will be prompted as to whom the sender is and what is the subject of that specific mail. The erased mails will be spared in the trash area.

The user only needs to follow the conventions pre-specified in the IVR and just click the mouse accordingly to get the respective services offered.

However, the user may still need to input in some additional information through voice whenever required.

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Voice based E-mail for the blind
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