Online Restaurant Locator

Café Finder offers a casual method to find the best nourishment arrangements and eateries close to you. In the event that you permit it, the application can find the nearest cafés just by utilizing your location. The android gadget goes about as a customer and PC goes about as a server. The locations information is put away on the server and cell phone is utilized to get to it so as to show to the client.

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It comprises an administrator login that permits the administrator to enter and store different places in the framework. After an effective record, the locations get put away alongside their logo, area, and description in the framework.

Project Requirements

Software Requirements:

OS: Windows 7

Language: Android SDK, Java

Database: MySQL

Apparatuses: Eclipse IDE, Android Plug-in for Eclipse, Google API

Innovations utilized: Java, MySQL, PHP, XML.

Debugger: Android Dalvik Debug Monitor administration

Server: XAMPP Server

Working System: Android 2.3 or higher forms

System: Wi-Fi Internet or cell Network

Android adaptation 2.3 and higher

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Hardware Requirements

Processor: P IV or higher

RAM: 256 MB

Disk space: least 512MB

Project Implementation

The UI is kept straightforward and justifiable. The client need not take any extra exertion to comprehend the usefulness and route in the application. The colours are picked so that the client can undoubtedly comprehend where the details must be entered. Insights are given to help the client in giving the right information.

Coming up next are the primary screens and highlights right now.

 Home Screen 

 Login Screen 

 Registration Screen 

 Basic Search Results 

 Restaurant Details Screen 

 Show Route Screen

The application begins with the current geo area of the client. The present area of the client is set apart by the overlay things. At the point when the client changes the area, this change in area is tuned in by the application and the current area is refreshed with the update in the area of the client.

Subsequent to finding the present area of the client, this application shows the rundown of the accessible eateries in the database. The database is shown in the increasing request of closest inns to that of the client which are inside 3KM from the present area.

From the accessible inns in the list, the client can choose any inn and get the subtleties of the joint. The client can likewise make a request for the nourishment and things accessible in the hotel through the email.

Google map API is utilized in the application. This API demonstrates the ideal way to the lodging chose by the client. At the point when the client chooses the lodging or restaurant, the details of the hotel are accessible to the client. Aside from this, ?View map ' button is also made accessible toward the finish of the screen, which on click shows the course between the current area and goal area.

This application also has the highlights of message correspondence between clients. When the client needs to meet the companion in the restaurant, at that point he can send the message to another client giving the place's name, address, and phone.

We can upgrade the application to include an ever-increasing number of hotels, restaurants, and eateries accessible inside the area. Moreover, we have to make our application check the accessible balance of the client. In the upcoming days, we can likewise improve this application in the territory of Google Guide API. The Google map shows just a single way between the client and the goal. We can show more than one way with their separation so the client can choose any course which is simple for them.

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Online Restaurant Locator
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