Online Examination system

Today Online Examination System is becoming a quickly developing assessment technique due to its speed and precision.

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It additionally needs less labour to execute the assessment. Practically all associations nowadays are directing their target tests by online assessment framework, it spares time in assessments and evaluations.

An Educational institution can likewise effectively check the performance of a student, that they give in any assessment.

Therefore, institutions can release the results in less time. It additionally helps the environment by sparing paper.

Project Requirements

Software Requirement: WAMP Server

Front end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

HTML: HTML is utilized to make and spare web record.

For example Scratchpad/Notepad++

CSS: (Cascading Style Sheets) Create alluring Layout

Bootstrap: responsive structured versatile friendly site

JavaScript: it is a programming language, ordinarily we use with web programs.

Backend: PHP and SQL

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Hardware Requirements:

Intel 3.0 GHz or higher processor


10 GB HDD Space

Project Implementation:

The cutting edge modernized framework is created with the intent to beat the downsides of the current manual framework. We have studied the manual assessment arrangement of various schools and distinguished conceivable automation. The proposed framework has numerous favourable features. Individuals from various places in the world can enrol without facing any problem. The new framework is increasingly customized.

It is made in such a way, that all the new clients can see all the choices in it with no problem at all. It is made in a snappy and simple referential way. Access to some significant issues are not generally bolted and can be opened effectively at the hour of need. The upsides of the proposed framework are that security is kept up in the new framework. Protections for significant information are looked after privately.

While a teacher makes their test paper he must be given the authorization to include the students who are giving the tests, with the end goal so that he can direct test paper to various students and ensure that no student faces a question out of syllabi.

The final results of the test he/she had conducted are accessible to only him/her after the student submits the online assessment. All students, staff, guardians, and so on has separate login to this framework.

A portion of the fundamental highlights of this tasks are: it decreases the administrative work for the staff, makes an automated reaction with the students, with the end goal that he/she can find that the solutions given by him are right or not, and can subsequently produce reports after the assessment which can be produced to guardians that they can see the status of their children.

The admin has given the absolute capacity to add staff and to deal with the whole site. Unregistered clients can't register to go to the online assessment, yet in the future, there may be a possibility for this as well

On security, the admin has the most elevated position to alter/erase/make a database, the faculty has authority over the registered students, the students can just view their test reports. Passwords in the database are put away in an encoded structure, by utilizing distinctive encryption calculations. For building up this application we utilize open source languages, like PHP for server-side scripting and MYSQL for database management.

The online assessment framework additionally permits the student to address the appropriate responses on the off chance that they have to change any answer only in the specified assessment time length. However, after the time duration, no modification or change will be permitted.

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Online Examination system
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