Online Crime Reporting system

The Objective of the Crime Reporting System is to build up a web-based program to report the crimes that happen in the city. It gives the platform of transferring pictures or recordings of wrongdoing scenes to guarantee that police may make a move right away. It additionally supplies the exhortation of missing people and security tips for the awareness of individuals.

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To report any grievances related to wrongdoing, individuals need to contact the nearest police headquarters. Individuals of the particular city don't know about wrongdoing related issues, for example, List of Most wanted lawbreakers of their town, missing people of the territory, etc. People must view News Channels or Read News Paper for such offence related subtleties. Along these lines, we can say that the present stage is manual and somewhat inefficient.

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Project Requirements

Front end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

HTML: used to make and spare web reports.

CSS: (Cascading Style Sheets) Create alluring Layout

Bootstrap: responsive structure portable friendly site

JavaScript: it is a programming language, regularly utilized with web programs.

Back end:

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

MySQL: MySql is a database, broadly utilized for getting to refreshing, and overseeing information in databases.

Project Implementation

The client can document the FIR through Aadhar Number. The FIR enlistment structure ought to get the subtleties of the FIR, for example, Type of the case and Detailed, Depiction of the event, etc. The client can choose the Police station to which his/her FIR must be sent.

The client can likewise transfer the related pictures for the case proof while making FIR and it is utilized for entering all the insights concerning the wrongdoing. It contains the date, police headquarters where it is recorded, place, nature of wrongdoing, area of the wrongdoing, and so on.

The case subtleties will be sent to the particular police station. The administrator of the police headquarters will see the FIR after which he/she will make the necessary decisions.

Initially, the client's data will be kept private and just clients' grievances will be sent to its closest police headquarters. The client's complaint number will be sent from the server side naturally.

For recognizing area and credible individual, the idea of cookies and IP have been utilized. To dispose of the location clashes between police headquarters, the server will assume an indispensable job. It will look through the location table utilizing IP addresses and transmit a message to that police area from where the message has been sent.

The client can send photographs of proof on the web. The police will have a criminal database through which they can get to the records. Right now, client's data will be kept secret and just clients grievance will be sent to the closest police headquarters

A verification module may also be included that gathers data from a client asking access to an ensured asset and checks the data against the entries in an information store. If the data meets the confirmation criteria then the client's request will be approved

What's more, if the data given doesn't meet the confirmation criteria, the client is denied approval.

Each station should enrol in the framework. At that point the enlistment process begins upon when each station enters their subtleties, for example, the Admin name, address, telephone no, station name and so forth.

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Online Crime Reporting system
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