Develop a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using Java

Virtual Private Network or VPN is used for various purposes to access the internet securely. VPN is legalised in most of the countries unless it is not used to access copyrighted material or to commit online fraud. In this JAVA project, we will learn to develop a VPN app in JAVA using Android Studio.

Let’s understand What is VPN?

VPN is abbreviated to Virtual Private Network. VPN creates a private network using a public network such as the internet to create a safe and encrypted connection. Here the user is part of the local network only, but with the help of tunnelling protocols, VPN creates a secure connection.

For example - Think of a situation where the corporate office of a bank is headquartered at Singapore, the computers in that office are connected to a local network. Another branch of the same bank is in Mumbai. Now if they want to connect both the network means, the usual method of creating a secure connection between the head office and branch office is by a leased line which is a costly method and not reliable.

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If you are using a VPN to perform the same thing, all the computers headquartered in Singapore are connected to a VPN server. Now the employee from Mumbai branch can share the information over a public internet connection by connecting his computer to the VPN server (i.e., situated at Singapore) using dial-up window.

Following are some of the benefits of using a VPN:

  • Used by digital marketers to plan the marketing strategy for various countries
  • Allows you to access blocked sites in your country
  • Enables you to connect securely to other networks
  • You can browse anonymously through the internet
  • Increases the internet speed

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Project Implementation

In this JAVA project, we are going to use the latest version of Android Studio and Gradle.

Following are the steps followed to develop the VPN application:

Step 1: Open android studio and select check out project from version control then select Git.

Git is an open-source and free version control system, which enables you to handle all the projects with speed and efficiency.

Step 2: Copy-paste the link of the repository in URL and select a folder directory then click Clone button.

Step 3: Now, click yes and check out from the version control system

Step 4: Now start building the project with the help of Gradle.

If you tried to connect to a network the server will not work, so you need to add the server to the app. To make it work you need to add the server manually and configure it. Following are the files you need to configure: appdetails.json, filedetails.json, etc.

In the filedetails.json the OpenVPN file string value is stored. Copy the OVPN file and paste it in the JSON string.

In appdetails.json file, the value “ads” is a boolean value. You can change the value true or false to display or remove the ads.

Before deploying the app remove the google services JSON file and deploy the app. You can download all the required files from the GitHub.

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Virtual Private Network using JAVA
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Develop a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using Java

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